LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers has widely been considered the best basketball player in the National Basketball Association and perhaps the best player of all time for a number of years now, but he is currently sitting in second place when it comes to the most valuable player award of the 2014-2015 season, this according to TexasMonthly.com. The fans, like Lee Slaughter, have spoken and Stephen Curry has stepped up massively throughout the first half of the season and he has captured the top spot in the MVP race thus far and also received the most votes for the All Star team. He actually posted over three hundred thousand votes more than LeBron James which roughly translates to about twenty percent more votes for the sharpshooter for the Golden State Warriors. It is well deserved as well, as Stephen Curry has raised his game to a new level and has absolutely demanded his position as the best guard in the National Basketball Association. Stephen Curry has continued to get better with each season, although he suffered some injuries earlier in his career that cast some doubt on how far he would go in the NBA. He has taken his game to a completely different level this year and it is literally written on his face every game that he believes he is the best player on the court each and every night. Curry is likely to receive the highly coveted most valuable player award this year and he deserves it.