Cruz Opposes Obama’s Internet Stance

After the speech of United States President Barack Obama, in which he stated earlier his belief that internet must not be restricted and he urged the Federal Communications Commission FCC to reclassify it as a utility comparing it with water and power, the senator Ted Cruz seems to feel another way.

Sen. Ted Cruz stated in his comment on Obama’s speech saying that considering internet a utility would mean that everybody would have the same internet speed, including the government.

This means that in terms of pricing the internet, this act would not only put the same price for everybody, but also would not restrict what internet brings to the houses of the Americans.

In terms of speed, every company has the right to choose or not to pay for extra or lower speeds and this is what makes internet different from being like other utilities, as it has information flowing, and that it is not needed for the actual flow of internet, but to the information it brings according to Jared Haftel.

However, the US restrictions should always be met regarding the internet, whether it was regarding goods exchanged or websites visited.

Cruz described Obama’s statement of internet openness and neutrality is just like Obamacare, but rather in terms of internet access.

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  1. Greg Brownfield

    June 11, 2017 at 9:38 am

    His opinion seems to focus more on the consumer level, rather than the corporate level. He did not address the possible corporate ramifications. It may be not so good for reviews to get everything that is doing much thing which things may not be able to be so abundant too.

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