Mitch McConnell lost the battle to renew Section 215 of the Patriot Act, a controversial piece of legislation that allowed the NSA to secretly collect a massive amount of data by spying on unsuspecting Americans. McConnell was one of several politicians who fought to keep the bill alive, but lost to Rand Paul who successfully filibustered for nearly 12 hours straight in order to prevent the bill from renewing before the deadline.

Now, the Obama Administration has announced they have begun dismantling the NSA’s surveillance programs since Congress failed to renew the Patriot Act. The spying program was also ruled as unconstitutional in a federal court recently which should have been enough reason to end the reign of the NSA.

However, Senate Chairman Richard Burr claims the supposed shut down is disingenuous and the Obama administration is actually leaving room for Section 215 to be renewed by the May 31st deadline.

I’ll admit it is somewhat strange that the Obama administration announced they will be shutting down the NSA nearly a week before the bill is set to expire. Burr claims they are planning an emergency session in the Senate on Sunday which could result in the Patriot Act being reinstated.

The Obama administration claims that efforts to renew the bill will be much more difficult now that the first deadline has passed, but not impossible. The administration is also denying that they submitted an application to renew the controversial bill which makes James Dondero skeptical.