Wikipedia is the most successful online encyclopedia with over 4.8 million English language articles. It is apparently the largest encyclopedia with a vast collection of knowledge ever massed. Wikipedia has accurate content and reliable information according to a study made in 2005 by Nature. Most people edit existing articles on Wikipedia to make them look as if they were theirs. You might be an example of such if you use Wikipedia more frequent. If not Wikipedia articles, you might have been editing other people’s articles. Today you are going to write your own article.

Before starting to write your article, consider the following tips to assist you make headway:

1) If you’ve registered an account, you can submit a new article directly. For registered and unregistered users who want to present their articles, you can do so at the Articles for Creation project.

2) Wikipedia articles require the subjects to be “worthy of notice” in order to avert chaotic incorporation of new topics. If you are not sure about your article title, ask questions at the Wikipedia Teahouse.

3) Before you commence, edit a few current articles to make yourself conversant with writing and using Wikipedia mark-up page.

4) Use trustworthy published sources. Use reliable sources to gather information and have references for your articles subject. It is recommended that you start using books and news archives instead of web search.

5) Ask for feedback. Inquire for a response on articles you wish to create in different locations such as the talk page or the Teahouse.

6) Start by creating the article in your user space. You can place your article on a subpage if you are a registered user. Take your time to modify it and ask editors for assistance and send it to the live part of Wikipedia once you’re done with it.

What to avoid

· Avoid orphaned articles- these are articles with no or fewer articles connecting to it. The problem with such articles is that it will be unfamiliar and get fewer readers. Provide links to you articles after creating a new article, so it will not be orphan.

· Avoid indecent articles about yourself- do not be tempted to write an article about yourself. If you are a remarkable person, avoid the urge to write or edit a Wikipedia article about yourself because someone else will. The biography might be yours, but the article in Wikipedia is not yours to tamper with.