Back in the 2004 presidential election, the Bush campaign successfully defined Massachusetts Senator John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, as a flip-flopper. The pinnacle moment was in discussing his vote against a use of force authorization which he famously said he was supported before voting against it. It has since become the mantra of flip-floppers.

Now, it has emerged that the Democrats put their hypocrisy on display regarding the banking reform rider in the Omnibus bill. After Sen. Warren gave her impassioned, albeit toothless, floor speech denouncing the budget bill rider, Congresswoman Maxine Waters launched her House rebellion to scuttle the budget bill unless the rider was stripped from the bill. In doing so, she pit herself against the Obama administration. It has now been learned that Waters actually supported the same partial repeal of Dodd-Frank back in 2012 as a stand-alone piece of legislation. In all fairness, she says that recent events involving a British investor referred to as the “London Whale” have caused her to rethink the position. Fair enough in her case.

However, that does not explain President Obama’s support of the budget bill. He criticized the banking rider as being bad for the American public at the same time he was whipping up Democrat votes in the House to pass the bill. Despite the rider being so bad, he signaled that he would sign the budget into law. For the record, the banking rider was not added into the budget at last minute. It had been part of the negotiations for weeks prior with no vocal opposition. In fact, Nancy Pelosi only came out against the rider after Warren’s remarks triggered a rebellion in her ranks. It was a classic case of my friend Mark Ahn and his favorite go-to- “If you can’t beat ‘em, lead ‘em” strategy.