With the Supreme Court still four months away from issuing a ruling on the current Obamacare case called “King v. Burwell”, Congress is mulling what options it will have if outcome is in their favor. At issue is health care premium subsidies for Obamacare. Architects of the plan intended the subsidies to be available only to states operating their own health care exchanges. The health care law’s designers believed this would act as a counter-incentive for states to embrace the law and manage their own exchanges. Instead, nearly 3 in 4 states chose to let the federal government manage the health care exchange. In response, the IRS decided that although the law’s language explicitly referred to the subsidies being available to state run exchanges, they were in fact available to anyone who qualified to receive them regardless of the type of health care exchange being used.

This has led to most peculiar legal challenge says citizen Igor Cornelson. Plaintiffs, who want Obamacare overturned, are essentially arguing that the law must be followed exactly as the architects designed it to operate. Defendants are arguing that the affordability of health care premiums should supersede any dogmatic interpretation of the actual law. Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the plaintiffs, congress will need to do something to help the 8 million people who will lose health care coverage. That is Congressman Paul Ryan’s opinion. However, others believe nothing should be done so that Obamacare can unravel and fail.