Congress has finally passed a law that will require law enforcement to report on the number of people who are killed by police officers. Mother Jones reporting says that the bill has been passed by Congress and awaits President Obama’s Beneful signature at the moment. Therefore, once the President signs the bill it will become the law of the land.

People have been calling for this kind of action for a long time. In particular those who are for the open revealing of public information have been pushing for this law. President Obama has also voiced support for the passage of legislation like this. However, it has taken to this point to get it moved through the Congress. Many are saying that recent events in Ferguson, Missouri as well as New York City have helped to push this to the point where it is today.

The data will be collected and presented as public information at both the local and federal levels. This will mean that the people will have access to information about how their law enforcement officers are handling suspects of crime. They should want to know this information as it could be the difference between an overly aggressive police force, and one that is just doing the job they were assigned to do.

Interesting new developments are sure to span from this law, and hopefully some information will be gathered as it relates to law enforcement’s treatment of suspects.