Talk Fusion is an innovative video communication service. Founded by Bob Reina, it is a popular and efficient product that anyone can use.

Talk Fusion is a video technology used for business and social communication. It is extremely easy to use. To send a message, just record it on any video device, open the Talk Fusion portal, browse to the saved video file and upload it. The video email can be made utilizing the portal. The service offers ready-made videos and templates. Additionally, whoever uses this product may insert their own graphics and even add a text message to go along with their video. He/she can choose the appropriate service to distribute the message to one person or literally thousands. The reusable videos are saved on Talk Fusion’s site. After the email is received, the video may then be clicked on and it will play instantly. There is no extra time or effort required. These types of messages can be highly effective whether viewed between business associates or close family members and friends.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. First created in the U.S. in 2007, his product is now a part of more than 85 countries. Bob came up with his visionary idea in 2004 to send a 10 second video through email. Even though people didn’t always believe in his idea, he made it happen. In cooperation with his IT expert friend, his successful goal of transmitting the video email was accomplished. Talk Fusion has outdone Yahoo, AOL, CBS and others in it’s class to emerge as the 8th largest video content provider worldwide.

Talk Fusion is versatile, simple to use and inexpensive. It makes business and social interactions transferred through technology clearer and more meaningful. Creator Bob Reina is also a humanitarian who contributes to charitable causes and fights for the welfare of animals.