Let The Dojo Lead The Way


ClassDojo has just entered into a new and potentially viable partnership with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to bring a positive communication app to a classroom near you. The partnership seeks to deliver an innovative classroom experience to schools nationwide.


The ClassDojo app is able to bring positive change to children by helping teachers in recognizing positive things the student do everyday, whether it is being polite or working hard. The children respond very well to the positive reinforcement and for the recognition for their achievements.


Already, approximately 90% of teachers in United States schools are using the resources provided by the company. However, with this new outlet the goal is to help the children reduce the stress that they may feel or encounter on a basis. Really, the times have changed very quickly in the past decade and school age children are facing much more pressure than they have in decades past.


The company is hopeful that the concept catches on in a big way and that they can be at the forefront of helping to maintain the emotional stability of children throughout the world. It is to this end that the app will be further enhanced as time goes on.