Charles Koch, a businessman and philanthropist, is the co-owner, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Koch Industries. His brother, David H. Koch is the Executive Vice President. Mr. Koch funds and supports several catholic and advocacy institutions. His philanthropic endeavors mainly focus on research, policy and educational projects to push free-market views. He provides financial support of education through his various grants for scholarships, faculty recruitment and research grants.

The Koch brothers have for a long time been a huge influence on candidates and their policies. Being billionaires, they have provided funding for several candidates so as to be a part of politics without actually being involved. This election season is, however, deviating from their vision. Candidates like Donald J. Trump, a billionaire and Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas have been causing quite a stir.

In a recent interview with The Financial Times, he is not happy with the Republicans currently seeking office, and he also notes that sponsors with big money were losing their influence in the political world. Mr. Trump’s and Mr. Cruz’s policies are the primary cause of his concerns. He says that he is passionate about the country and the issues affecting it, but he’s worried no one is concerned about the same.
Donald Trump is intent on barring Muslims from entering the United States, which Mr. Koch find highly unethical. He believes that as humans we should defend the liberties of those least favorite and the weakest if we’re to uphold our democracy.
Senator Ted Cruz is proposing “carpet bombing” of the Islamic State militants which Mr. Koch finds pointless. He wonders whether Mr. Cruz’s plan will later escalate to attack Muslims in every country. Charles Koch believes the best way forward would be to create an environment in which terrorists cannot thrive. Taking the proactive approach. It will improve on security.

The Koch brothers through their networks of political nonprofits also referred to as “super PACs” as well as donors have budgeted up to $900 million in support of conservative candidates and their policies in the upcoming 2016 elections. The candidates being promoted in this way have been regularly taunted by Mr. Trump, who refers to them as “puppets”. Mr. Koch does not feel the same way. He and his fellow donors present candidates with the issues they consider important. Just calling it an investment on political spending, from which he’s pessimistic about future returns.