Charles and David Koch value their privacy. Although the two brothers run one of the biggest private corporations in the world, Koch Industries, the two do not seek the public limelight. Both invest a great deal of effort in libertarian and right-leaning political causes, and still prefer to keep their media appearances short and limited. Well, that used to be the case. Charles Koch has greatly increased his discussions with the press.

Recently, Charles Koch granted an interview to Vanity Fair magazine on the subject of Donald Trump. Charles Koch is not a fan of Trump, and the interview reveals several reasons why Koch feels Trump would be bad for the Republican Party and the country.

Charles Koch is planning on an $800 million investment in political advertising and other efforts during the upcoming election. Previously, no real decision was made on what to do about Trump. Now, it looks like the Kochs are going to make a decision soon about how to deal with Trump.

The hands-off approach to Trump was done to avoid a public war of words. Trump likes to attack his opponents verbally in the media. These public feuds end up being distractions. The distractions divert efforts away from other important areas.

The reason why Charles Koch is not a fan of Trump is he feels many of the policies Trump supports are antithetical to the American ideal. He also feels the bombastic nature of Trump lends itself more to spectacle as opposed to serious policy.

Not everyone knows this, but Trump and Charles Koch know each other fairly well. They have had dealings outside of the political arena in the past. No one should be surprised the two have had dealings. Both are heavily involved in many different business interests. Their paths crossed on positive notes numerous times. Today, things are different.

Charles Koch is an avid supporter of libertarian causes and, in the past, sought to boost the Libertarian Party to a viable third national organization in American politics. The Libertarian Party never reached such levels, and the Koch brothers moved onto the GOP. The hope was to move the GOP towards supporting numerous libertarian causes.

The Trump-Koch confrontation may never end up being a public one. Depending upon how the Koch organization chooses to oppose Trump, the methods may not end up becoming a personal public battle. The focus could be on policies, which is a less-bombastic approach.

Read the Vanity Fair article in its entirety here.