Charles Koch has shown himself to be one of the leading men in the fight against poverty. He has visited churches and fed hot meals to people that are in the area. A lot of these communities are primarily African American communities. However, feeding the poor is not the only thing he has done. He has also sat with the poor in order to help them develop goals and show them that they can rise above their circumstances if they choose. He does just tell people to get a job or find a career, he also helps them look into other ways to generate income.

Among the many ways that people can generate income is by investing. This is actually one of the most common and yet least talked about methods of leveraging money among people. Fortunately, he introduces people to the world and gives them an introduction into the idea of assets. Often times, people are stuck with liabilities which often keeps them in their situation. Liabilities are materials that they have to make regular payments on. However, assets are materials that can earn them money. This is how people achieve wealth. Charles Koch is willing to teach people that.

There are many ways that people can buy assets. Charles Koch has knowledge of different markets that could be invested in. He can teach people how to trade stocks. He can also help people who are interested learn how to do the research necessary to find out which stocks are worth investing in. There are many things that Charles Koch can teach people that will give them better chances at overcoming their circumstances. This is actually a far cry from the usual programs that have been put in place that have been designed to do a little more than to pander to the plight of the unfortunate and in some cases, exploit them.

Charles Koch has held the belief that welfare systems as well as government regulations have actually held people back from achieving their goals of being financially independent. One thing that the welfare program seems to do is to prevent many people from achieving their dreams. However, not everyone in welfare has goals. Charles Koch does believe that welfare is in fact good for a certain group of people. Unfortunately, welfare and government regulations treat everyone like that one type of person. This results in someone with actual dreams being hindered.

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