Pokemon Letdown: Kim Dao’s Review

Kim Dao, a YouTube personality who gained popularity for her make-up and fashion videos is also an active vlogger. She also maintains YouTube channel dedicated strictly to gaming. One of Kim Dao’s most popular videos on this channel is “Over Hyped?? #toomuchwater Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire.” This video serves as an informal review of Nintendo’s Pokémon games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, two games in the ongoing Pokémon series. The Pokémon series is a popular franchise of video games, trading cards, cartoons and films that maintains acclaim from fans worldwide. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of the similar games released in 2002. Kim Dao, who posts video of herself playing the game on her gaming channel, expresses her hesitation to continue playing Omega Ruby. Kim Dao even remarks how strange it is for a huge fan like herself to be unwilling to play the game. Kim Dao then begins to discuss how the remakes were a bit of a letdown. After a massive promotional campaign by Nintendo for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Kim Dao questions why the game was such a disappointment to her. Questioning further, Kim Dao wonders if it’s her previous experience with the original game, combined with an overblown marketing campaign from Nintendo that may have left the game feeling unremarkable. With a plan to finish the game in its entirety within a week and uploading the footage to YouTube, Kim Dao failed to do so out of boredom with the game. more of her here


Wengie’s Hair Raising Hacks

Laziness is next to…


Honestly, I am too lazy to even finish that sentence. The undeniable fact is that all humans have our lazy moments. Subsequently, on those days, people desire shortcuts to usual time wasters. Creating a beautiful style falls under “can’t I find an easier way?” when it comes to looking our best with little effort.


Wonderful Wengie has hair hacks that will create stylish hairdos in a breeze while still appearing as if one has put in a tremendous effort. Hair hacks so fun yet so simple, even a lazy cat on a Monday can accomplish these looks in a matter of minutes.


A Natural glow that helps your hair appear alive is not about expensive shampoo, brushing your hair 100 times each night, or even gold infused essential oils. Our young Wengie wakes us up to one of the simplest ways to beautify your hair. Take care of your health. Eating healthy and building on healthier choices (such as taking your vitamins) will have your body dancing for joy while your hair is glowing like an angel’s halo.


Becoming a rainbow haired unicorn like Wengie can be exciting. Like “Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, sky is the limit to how you can color your hair. However hair tends to grow fast and roots begin to show quickly. Do not panic, set aside the expensive root touch up color that can cause chemical damage from over treatment, there is a safer and less time consuming way. Hide those roots with Wengie’s zig-zag part technique that will give you more time between touch ups while making those roots appear as if they’re meant to be there.


One can not disagree that Wengie’s video is filled with hair hacks so simple, so fast, one could perform these tricks in their sleep. From messy buns in minutes to braiding for those who can’t braid, Wengie has a hack for everyone. Proving that it does not need to take hours of your time to appear as if you walked off the page of a fashion magazine, Wengie shows a myriad of ways to simplify your day turning a hair don’t into a classy hairdo.


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