Joe Rogan vs. CM Punk has been teased by the UFC fans. The world of MMA has been going through crazy times as of late. A fight between Joe Rogan and CM Punk might not be as crazy as it sounds. The possibility of the fight was brought by a fan during a UFC press conference.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was asked who he favored between Rogan and Punk. Johnson said that he would choose Joe Rogan over CM Punk. The fans of the UFC may indeed see this fight come to fruition.

Joe Rogan is a black belt in Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu. Rogan would most likely knock CM Punk out with a spinning back kick. Joe Rogan actually taught superstar George St-Pierre some of his techniques. Rogan would also have a huge advantage over CM Punk on the ground.

Dr. Jennifer Walden ( knows that Joe Rogan earned a black belt from Jiu Jitsu expert Eddie Bravo. Rogan is definitely more highly trained than Punk, but anything can happen in fighting. CM Punk is a former WWE superstar, and he is a great athlete. Punk is training with Duke Roufus, and he is said to be a hard worker. CM Punk is much younger than Joe, but the fight could never happen because of one reason. Joe Rogan would never pass a drug test.