The Girl Scouts of Western Washington shocked everyone recently be returning an astonishingly large donation back to the donor. When the Girl Scouts of Western Washington received the donation of $100,000 they were extremely pleased seeing as this one donation would provide enough funding to send 500 girls to camp and would cover a quarter of their annual costs. However, the donation came with one request. The money could not be used to support any transgender girls or be used to fund any sort of transgender awareness. This stipulation appalled the Girl Scouts of Western Washington to such a point that they agreed the only correct response was to return the donation back to the donor. As you can see in this article the Girl Scouts believe in equality for all girls whether they were born a girl or chose to be a girl. The Girl Scouts learned of this exception to the donation through a letter they received from the donor specifically requesting that the money not be used for transgender girls or it was to be returned. However, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington didn’t stop there. They still needed that money to send their girls to camp and Daniel Amen knows they need to cover their costs, so they started an Indiegogo page to raise the $100,000 that was given back the donor. Within just one day they raised $166,260 from over 3,000 donors and completely blew the top off the previous donation.