The Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC is a very important political group that is designed to get Latino voters to the polls. This super PAC was created by CCC or the Center for Community Change and its member organization Fair Immigration Reform Movement otherwise known as FIRM. A group of immigrant rights organizations make up FIRM and these different groups are hard at work trying to reform the current immigration system in America.

Democratic party supporters according to New York Times, realize that the Latino voting population within America is very strong. As a matter of fact this particular has close to 30 million voters. This is a huge number of people that has the power to swing an election. In the past candidates such as President Barrack Obama had counted on Latino voters to help secure his position and now other democratic runners are doing the same.

One democratic supporter name George Soros has recently donated a huge some of money to the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC. Soros and other liberal donors has provided a healthy sum of money to this particular super PAC. This way immigration reform groups will be able to get as many Latino voters registered as possible.

Soros and other democratic supporters do not want the White House to be controlled by Donald Trump. Many liberals like Soros believes that Trumps policies are too harmful to the immigration population within the United States. They make this sentiment known by supporting organizations that can help to turn the tide of victory away from Trump in favor a democratic candidate such as Hillary Clinton. Soros is a supporter of Clinton and has given money to support her run for the presidency. The New York Times article Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters has more in-depth information about this issue.