Hollywood, big stars, big movies, and big money; waiting in the wings are tomorrow’s stars with even a bigger dreams and a desire to succeed. But what looms larger than all of the aforementioned? The elite naysayers, telling you that you’ll fail or they won’t represent you.

The CEO That’s Pushing Back

A Post by Norcal.news in which Nine9 provided tips for aspiring actors and models also contained words of insight imparted by Anthony Toma CEO and Founder of Nine9. Toma explains how he see’s the challenges that most would be actors and models face. In example, having no representation, having no industry contacts or how to obtain such information.

Toma went on to expand on his vision for Nine9 to represent the 99 percent, the little guy, the actor without a big time agent. Clearly, Toma understands the obstacles people face and is offering to not only show people the ladder but also that Nine9 will hold it for them.

Combining Experience with New Conventions

Nine9 is built to succeed, energized by a CEO with personal experience in being the underdog. A staff comprised of industry professionals with collective decades of experience under their belt’s. Nine9 has not only coined itself “ The Unagency” but also operates differently than an agency. For example, Nine9 does not charge a commission from their talents earnings. Common knowledge tells us that an agent or agency is driven by the potential payout percentage collected from finding their client work; as a result, this leads them to be very selective and bias in who they’ll represent and how much time they’re willing to invest in you. At Nine9 your enthusiasm and hard work will be equally matched to place you in the ring with the heavyweight elites. Learn more.