Brown Agency, one of the biggest talent agency in Texas and Austin has been helping the careers of new young models and actors for years now. At first a small operation it quickly became a large powerful force to be reckoned with. They are always looking for new talent even until this day. They have supported over 450 talents. You can see a collection of photos of talent on their website ( Or on their social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The most popular being Twitter.


The head of Brown Agency (Justin Brown) build up his Company while molding himself, as he studied business in college. Eventually, he started training other models and helping them be the best that they could be. And that’s where it all really started. Justin Brown did move to California to surround himself with his craft. And to learn more about his trade. It was there in California and adventurously New York where he found the talent that helped Brown Agency get off the ground. Some even reefer being apart of Brown Agency was like being part of a family, A sigh of any good business model.


Brown Agency has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Having shows in Dallas, Miami Swim, Austin and New York. Their signature Fashion week being a can’t miss advent. Brown Agency has also been praised for their step in the right direction concerning more diverse talent.


With the learner ship of Justin Brown, Brown Agency have been come extremely successful at finding jobs in America. Like any business, it was built up with a lot of hard work and ambition. With there slow climb onto social media, they are becoming more and more well known in the world. Check out for more.



Justin Brown at first being a corky, reserved kid soon turned into the strong leader and figurehead that made Brown Agency as big as it is today. And doing most of it at the young age of 21. Like Justin Brown, his Agency’s is a strong hearted Company that’s not going away anytime soon.