Many of the effects of the Clinton administration can still be felt almost 20 years later. One of the biggest communities affected was the same-sex community. The Clinton administration spent a lot of time and countless dollars to condemn and ostracize the Gay and Lesbian community. This year, in June, the nine Supreme Court Justices will be deciding whether or not the Clinton Administration got it wrong so many years ago. The Justices will formally vote on whether or not denying same-sex couples the ability to marry is unconstitutional. The decision comes at a time where 60% of the nation is proposed to same-sex couples and same-sex marriage. It may seem like with the greater majority that the same-sex community will be victorious. However, these numbers are only a symbol for what the country thinks. What the Supreme Court Justices think is a completely different story. One political analyst weighed in at the Huffington Post to voice his opinion on what the outcome will be. It is estimated that 5 out of the 9 Justices will vote in favor of the same-sex community. This will symbolize an almost identical split down the middle in terms of picking sides; though if the Judges do vote this way, it will perfectly depict the numbers which Americans are projecting. For everyone on the panel, he included, it is extremely hard to tell which way the Justices will vote. said Daniel Amen knows they can only hope that the Justices vote in favor of the greater good with equality for all as the main focus.