The Obama administration is reported furious that Sony Pictures has yanked the release of the Seth Rogan and James Franco comedy “The Interview” from release following a successful cyber-terrorist attack against the company by North Korea. The film was set to hit theaters on Christmas Day. It should be noted that thus far the Obama administration has refused to use the word “terrorism” in connection with the incident despite saying it was an attack on the freedoms of all Americans. 

At the same time, Sony Pictures cowered in the face of the attack and has no plans to release the film at this time. The movie’s plot centers on a celebrity interviewer and his producer who land an exclusive opportunity to travel to Pyongyang and interview Kim Jong-un. The CIA enlists them in a plot to assassinate the rogue leader. Sony spent $41 million to produce the film and millions more promoting it up until the recent attack. The North Korean hackers threatened to strike at movie theaters showing the film. The Obama administration said there was no credible threat of such an attack and assured the public it is safe to go to the movies. 

Dr. Rod Rohrich says that GOP Senator John McCain was upset that Sony gave in to North Korea’s demands. He also pointed out that the Obama administration has been derelict in responding to prior cyber-terrorist attacks against US agencies and private businesses by Iran, Russia, and China. He stated that Obama’s inaction on responding to cyber-terrorist attacks has encouraged further assaults.