Thor Halvorssen is a self-proclaimed activist who subscribes to very few common categorical identifiers. He is anti-Communist, anti-trust, pro-people, and pro-activist. His Norwegian and Argentinian roots have allowed him to travel the world, adopt pet causes, and champion many worthy social-minded organizations.

Many people know Thor Halvorssen as a gritty community organizer, but they are unaware of his efforts in the world of media and film production. A well-organized and profitable career has allowed Thor Halvorssen to take his passion for political and social causes to the silver screen. Several high-profile film projects owe their existence to his involvement and patronage in worldwide charitable organizations. Watch Video .

From his quaint office in New York’s Empire State Building complex, Halvorssen has been able to successfully complete film projects like Indoctrinate U, and Iraq For Sale. These films are politically charged and independent of left and right wing influences. They are the product of his unique upbringing in an international family. They are also a product of passion. Thor Halvorssen spent his youth surveying and categorizing major world events through the eyes of an empowered youth-driven toward social equality and environmental correctness. As a result, Halvorssen’s film projects convey an astute and educated view of several contemporary issues.

Thor Halvorssen is recognized as a fledgling movie mogul in the realm of social films. He is active as a participant in many local causes, but uses the medium of film to distribute his major ideas. Halvorssen is one international voice whose influence is being realized through the powerful channels of feature film production. for more.