Forefront Capital’s Founder and CEO, Brad Reifler, has been quoted in many news articles focusing on the subject of smart investing. In his media interviews, Reifler does a nice job of pointing out that being smart with one’s investment strategy and avoiding costly mistakes may be the true path to success. Arguing with him on these points is difficult. His theories make sense. Those who make up the “99%” are absolutely advised to listen to his opinions.

Yes, Brad Reifler has made it his mission to help middle class investors explore better options for putting their money to use. Many people in the middle class have limited capital available to them and this means saving for retirement takes on an additionally important necessity. Reifler knows these investors have to be judicious with their funds. He is famous for stressing diversity in portfolios and avoiding putting too much money into the stock market. There is nothing wrong with using the stock market as an investment vehicle, but exclusively relying on it may be a major mistake.

How is that money getting into an investment vehicle. Not everyone knows how to buy investment assets on their own. So, they rely upon a broker or fund manager to handle the tasks. Beware of trusting just anybody. The fund manager/broker must have an absolutely above-board reputation.

And before doing anything, an investor really does have to perform a personal audit. Determining the primary reasons for investing help guide someone in the right direction. Not having any real clear plans, ideas, or strategies does little more than set a course of investment failure.

To reiterate, Brad Reifler’s advice is sound and somber. He is not advocating anything off-the-wall. Reifler wants people to get the most benefit out of an investing venture. Surely, the person putting the money out for the investment wants the same.  Check out his Tweets, where Brad offers free investment commentary to everyone.