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Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts Made A Comeback In 2016 After Four Years Of Drought

Last year was a miserable year for the ski resorts in Northern and Southern California. In fact, 2015 was a miserable year for the residents of California. Mandatory water rationing was the flavor of the day for residents.

Fruit and vegetable farmers were trying to stay afloat in the driest weather in decades. Ski resorts had to make their own snow to compensate for the gaps in real snow on their precious ski runs.

But some skiers still said Lake Tahoe ski resorts runs felt like dirt instead of snow. The 60-degree temperatures and the lack of snow closed several resorts in Northern California, but Squaw Valley, the mother of all ski resorts, stayed open as long as it could thanks to the smart thinking of Andy Wirth, the CEO, and Chairman of Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth was a guest on the Press Play with Madeline Brand KCRW radio show. Mr. Wirth said that his ski resort had a decent 2015 in spite of the four-year drought. Squaw Valley is an enormous piece of property. Wirth told Brand that 4,000 acres of the 6,000-acre ski resort were available for skiing in 2015. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Wirth did say that the drought made skiing harder because of the amount of fresh snow was not up to par, and that cut into Squaw Valley’s profits. Revenue was down 20 percent in 2015, and Brand wondered how many seasons Squaw Valley could survive if the drought continued to stick around.

Wirth said that Squaw Valley is financially sound and would be able to survive several years of light snowfall. But thanks to the presence of El Nino in 2016, Squaw Valley made a big comeback.

Madeline continued to ask Wirth some tricky questions, but Andy has the experience and the know-how to answer them. Mr. Andy Wirth was actually born in Nuebrucke, West Germany, and his parents said that Andy’s first love was being outdoors in nature.

He attended Colorado State University and fell in love with skiing and the Rocky Mountains. He became a backcountry ranger during his school years, but Wirth continued his studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

His grandfather was a US National Parks Service Director. In 1986, Andy took a job as an intern at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Andy Wirth held several positions with the Steamboat Ski Resort over the 20 years he spent there. In 2006, Wirth was named the Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer for the company.

In 2010, Andy was named CEO of Squaw Valley, and he guided the resort through a $70 million renovation. Squaw Valley is considered one of the best Ski resorts in the world thanks to Wirth’s leadership.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation Withdrawals

The last four years have been tough for Squaw Valley Resort that is famous for it’s winter activities and beautiful Olympic Valley scenic country. They have experienced a severe drought throughout the country which has vastly impacted the business as well as other businesses in the surrounding areas. This year has provided some relief, as Squaw Valley has been blessed with early season winter storms that have provided much of the moisture they’ve been waiting for. Squaw Valley not only received the moisture to the area but they’ve also withstood political relief when they decided to take back their efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth is the founder and owner of the Squaw Valley Resort and has worked very hard to make the resort one of the top tourist destinations in the world. He has contributed to many organizations and takes multiple efforts on focusing to improve the area for the Lake Tahoe residents and surrounding areas.

Andy Wirth had a near fatal skydiving accident that changed his life. He was in recovery with multiple fractures and broken bones. It was then that he decided to start a fundraiser for the Navy SEALS and their families to be used in a time of need. It’s targeted towards Navy SEALS and their families after they return home. Andy has also been on the Undercover Boss show that aired a few years ago.

He stood firm on his opposition to incorporate Olympic Valley suggesting that it would have resulted in higher taxes citizens and lower level of services such as plowing and different types of road maintenance. Andy felt that this would impact the residents because of the decreased level of services that would be provided. Wirth would rather see the community work on the transportation issues that arise and other issues that come up within the residents and the town. He is trying to ensure that the ski resort stays in viable, outstanding shape and would like the Town Council to be able to work together on the incorporation. He hopes that they can all agree that they love the community and would to see it thrive. The division has definitely played a toll recently with the accusations, however, he would like to see the withdrawal as a chance for healing. Wirth hopes that they can come together as a community and agree on the factors that truly need development and special work.

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