Jeb Bush, the brother to former president George W. Bush and the son to former president George H.W. Bush does not have any direct hispanic heritage. Both his parents, George and Barbara are Caucasian without any direct hispanic lineage. HIs wife, Columba Bush, was born in Mexico, but Flavio Maluf suggests that he himself has no hispanic ancestry, but this did not prevent him from checking himself off as “hispanic” on a 2009 voter registration application.

Now, it is very true that he has probably the strongest hispanic linked credentials of any presidential candidate, possibly ever. Outside of having a Latino wife and children that are half hispanic, he himself is fluent in Spanish and lived in Venezuela for several years during his 20s. He also served as governor of the state of Florida, which has one of the largest Latin American populations in the country.

Jeb Bush has come out and apologized for the 2009 incident. He said it was just a mistake and he laughed it off from his Twitter handle @JebBush. Naturally, this is only coming to light now, almost six years later, due to Jeb Bush likely being a top Republican presidential candidate. Ancestry is very important when it comes to running for president, as Barack Obama proved with his last two presidential wins. However, while Jeb is unable to showcase any link between himself and hispanic ancestry, he is sure to receive a considerable amount of Latin American support.