Eleven Technicians from Securus Technologies Attain BISCI Certification Boost

Service providers ought to maintain high standards of business ethics when delivering services to their customers or clients. Consequently, it is vital for workers or employees to upgrade their skill set regularly in a bid to meet the emerging customer needs or desires. Eleven technicians from Securus Technologies recently set the pace for other workers after they were awarded the Building Industry Consulting Service International certification.


The high standards observed by BCSI made it an ideal match to cater to the training needs of Securus Technologies. By attaining the BICSI certification, Securus Technologies gained a better opportunity to provide its customers with the highest standards of performance and reliability.


Building Industry Consulting Service Internal serves as one of the highly recognized entities or associations that support the Information and communication sector. All BICSI credential holders and members are required to design, fix, supervise and maintain information and communication technology projects. Projects needed in this case include wireless-based systems, pathways, and copper-based distribution systems. The association serves over 23,000 ICT specialists via conferences, training, credentials and publications in about 100 nations.


A Detailed Focus on Securus Technologies


Currently, Securus Technologies, Inc. features among the top providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications as well as government information services in North America. It serves about 2,600 correctional facilities distributed in 45 states, Mexico, Canada and the District of Columbia. Securus has positioned itself as a leader in providing innovative, comprehensive, as well as responsive technical and customer services. It specializes in meeting the needs of law enforcement and corrections communities.


Securus Technologies revealed its JPay Inc. acquisition plans. The acquisition aimed at assisting Securus Technologies in providing the best platform for digitized communications, payments, education and entertainment in correctional space. Last year, Securus worked in close collaboration with the Better Business Bureau to meet desirable business standards. This resulted into Securus being a recipient of BBB accreditation and A+ rating.


Securus Releases Information About Abuses By Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is releasing as series of press releases that highlight the gross mistreatment and abuses of inmates and their families by Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link is a telecommunications company that bids on contracts with federal and state prison systems for communication services. They provide these services to the inmates and their families. Securus Technologies is releasing this information in order to highlight the wrongdoings in the industry and to shame Global Tel Link into doing the right thing and stop committing these crimes. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus began by releasing the first in series of 6 press releases that highlight the abuse and misdeeds committed by Global Tel Link. The first press release details a series of findings from an investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. This investigation took 18 months, and the document was released in January of 1998. Even though the document is nearly 18 years old, Securus believes it is still relevant.

Securus believes that these abuses and misdeeds have never stopped and that this document can shed some light on the type of misdeeds that have occurred ever since Global Tel Link began providing phone service to inmates in Louisiana. Furthermore, they believe that these abuses have not been limited to Louisiana, but have occurred at the facilities around the country where Global Tel Link has provided services.

There are four main abuses highlighted in the document. These include hiking rates beyond allowed tariffs, tampering with clocks in order to add time to calls, double and triple billing customers, and added unaccounted for and unexplained charges to the bills of customers.

Securus is a telecommunications and safety company that provides a wide variety of services to inmates and law enforcement officers at facilities around the country. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and also have offices in other parts of Texas and in Atlanta, GA.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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