When the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is released, the US will go through a major shift religiously as well as politically. If the ruling lifts the ban on gay marriages hundreds, if not thousands, of religious leaders across the country will ignore the ruling. They will challenge the political and moral veracity of such a ruling.

Religious leaders believe marriage is not a political issue, but a union designed by God. According to them, the state has no right to change God’s law. The religious beliefs of millions of Americans will change, if as OfSpirit reports,  religious followers agree with a ban-lifting ruling instead of their religious leaders edict about God’s law.

If the Supreme Court does lift the ban, a confrontation will develop between church and state. The verbal, and at times, violent battle that may develop will be epic. The church faction within the government will be unhappy with that ruling, and the lobbyists that support them will rebel. If the ban is not lifted, the inequality that a ruling like that displays can’t be tolerated by the people that believe the nation was founded on the premise that everyone in the United States has equal rights. One of those rights is to marry whomever they choose. The constitution says equal rights are God-given rights.