Are you planning to find a good lawyer for business or corporate needs? Do you want to get legal advice or representation in a dispute case? Business disputes and related matters can be very difficult to handle.

Those who are planning to do business enterprise in Brazil, or invest in real estate, in that country, are advised to consult with a lawyer that practices in Brazil.

Make sure the lawyer you have in mind, has a valid license to practice in Brazil. You can contact the license governing or issuing authority in Brazil, to verify the legal counsel’s credentials. A quick Internet search will give you with the contact details of any government agency you want to reach.

Find a legal practitioner who is well proficient and has great expertise in the area of law you need help with. With a skilled legal advisor, you will often have a better result should you have litigation issues.

And you should pick an attorney that you’re comfortable dealing with. Having a legal practitioner that you can trust will give you assurance in case anything happens that you would need legal counsel. Having a seasoned and reputable attorney on hand is a good idea, and can save you money and time.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been providing good quality services to clients, including business owners, multinational companies, institutions, high profile individuals and corporations.

Some of his clients include politicians and other public figures. Mr Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients and devise a defense plan to mount strong defense or representation.

As an expert business lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has great research skills and litigation strategies. He is well versed in conducting an initial case investigation to determine if there is enough evidence to pursue litigation. The investigation process usually involves locating witnesses, obtaining witness statements from witnesses, gathering documents, and interviewing the client. He also carefully investigates the facts surrounding the dispute. Ricardo Tosto often engages in pre-litigation settlement meetings or discussions to seek resolution of the matter before considering a lawsuit.