Obama Administration Gets In The Record Breaking List


When President Obama was first elected, a record was broken according to CipherCloud. He was the first African American President of the United States. It was something that many Americans cheered about.

The Obama administration has just broke another record, but very few are cheering, except the President and his close allies.

The Obama administration has denied access to government documents more than any prior administrations. The Associated Press compiled data showing that even with the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, the administration would outright deny, or at the very least, delay for outrageous periods of time requests for government files. 1 out of every 3 cases of the administration censoring those documents were determined to be unlawful.

This new data has caused a “riff” in government circles between Republicans and Democrats. With Obama maintaining that his administration is transparent, many are yelling that it is all lies.

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont co-sponsored a bill that would improve the Freedom of Information law, but it was murdered in the House of Representatives last year.

Will the American people be apathetic towards this new record?

Daniel Amen Shows Us How To Eat To Improve Mood

Keeping up with politics can really get you down. From petty disagreements to life-changing policies, politically-minded folk can really get bogged down in the mess. So how do you stay positive in a negative world?

Plenty of people eat food that they hope will change their mood. Unfortunately, this is generally food that is unhealthy and does not actually work to improve one’s mood. Instead, there are certain foods recommended by  Daniel Amen, MD that could do the trick. 

Dark Chocolate That Is Sugar Free

Daniel Amen recommends this type of chocolate as a good food to turn around the mood. The dark chocolate is made from different things than milk chocolate and is a lot healthier as a result. This one is great for the cardiovascular system and helps people to turn the mood around. 

Raw Spinach Is Where Good Moods Happen

Not enough of us are getting enough of our dark greens. It is something that unfortunately puts a lot of us in poorer health than we should have been. Raw spinach is exactly the type of mood changing food that should be something that we are consuming. Daniel Amen says that this one should be used as a substitute for the lettuce that so many of us are eating all the time. 

Lean Protein 

We do all need protein in our lives, but lean protein is preferred in comparison to the heavier meats that many of us are used to. It is best to skip the steak and thing about fish instead. A nice salmon meal can actually do a lot of good for the people who are looking for the mood boost that protein can bring. Protein is essential for good brain activity. However, everyone should get a nice balance of the types of meats that they are eating. Including more of the lean meats can do people a lot of good. 

Bring In The Walnuts

Finally, walnuts are a good choice for the brain. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to be good for the brain. Daniel Amen believes that these are the types of things that can really turn the mood around. Besides that, walnuts are relatively fair priced, and this makes them a good buy as well. It is something that will keep you happy as you are blazing through your day in a better mood and with more money in your pocket. Keep this in mind when you are considering how you might go about getting a better mood from the foods that you eat.

For more from Daniel Amen, check out his work for the Huffington Post or you can read one of his many bestsellers.

Tabar a tenacious player in legal, global trade arenas

Since Sam Tabar launched his career nearly 14 years ago, he has become a renowned authority on hedge fund formation and management and according to the latest finance news on CNBC, is the go-to guy for investment and savings tips this year.

Tabar, a New York attorney and capital strategist, began his education at Oxford University and went on to Columbia Law School, where he lent his talents to the Columbia Business Law Review as associate editor.


Immediately following his graduation from Columbia in 2001, Tabar had already secured a position at one of the world’s best law firms. He joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate, where Tabar lent his expertise to clients on all facets of hedge fund management, guiding the way through undertaking such as side letters, investment management agreements as well as regulatory and compliance concerns.


After three years with the firm, Tabar moved on to PMA Investment Advisors, an outfit run under the Hong King-based Sparx Group Co. Starting out with the company as counsel, Tabar soon proved to be a valuable member of the staff and earned a promotion to the post of managing director and co-head of business development. In this capacity Tabar was responsible for all global marketing for a hedge fund carrying an estimated worth of about $2 billion, and oversaw investor relations for that specific fund. Tabar also crafted and executed a marketing plan designed to draw in high-net worth clients across the globe, in addition to sizable family offices and institutional investors.


It was during Tabar’s tenure with PMA Investment Advisors that he first demonstrated his ability to establish strong connections in the business world, offering the company over 2,000 contacts of prospective investors and setting up about 400 investor presentations. The sharing of these contacts, coupled with Tabar’s assistance with the firm’s development of more than $1.2 billion in assets, made Tabar a critical component in the company’s continued success.


Tabar brought his knowledge of hedge funds to Bank of America Merrill Lynch in February 2011, at which time he accepted the position of director and head of capital strategy for the ban’s Asia-Pacific operations. In this role Tabar handled the whole capital allocations cycle alongside fund managers and investors and continued to offer clients his expertise about all things concerning hedge fund management. Tabar also continued to build on his existing track record of establishing solid business connections, facilitating introductions to institutional investors including endowments, foundations and pensions, and organized a database containing contacts for 1,250 institutional investors.


Tabar left Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2012 for a director’s position at Adanac LLC, BVI. While working with this company, Tabar invested in new American undertakings like Thinx and Verboten until he returned to the legal profession in the fall of 2013.


That’s when Tabar began his service as a senior associate with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, where he issued advice to clients regarding all facets of hedge fund management.







History Does Bode Well for Sen. Ernst’s GOP Response to SOTU

Kudos to Iowa Senator Jodi Ernst’s selection to deliver the party’s response in the 2015 State of the Union (SOTU) address. Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proclamation that she was the perfect person for the task is correct. Iowa is a historic battleground state the GOP hopes to capture in 2016. Ernst is the state’s first female senator and the first female veteran to serve in office. 

This whole debacle has had more drama than a Tom Rothman blockbuster. In fact, a year ago no one gave her much of a chance to win the party’s nomination to vie for the open senate seat vacated by Democrat Tom Harkin after holding the seat for 30 years. That changed when she ran a clever ad displaying her upbringing raising hogs. The ad emphasized castrating the hogs as she remarked she understood how to cut pork from the federal budget and make the political proverbial spending hogs in Washington squeal. The ad struck a chord with voters. Late in the campaign, she turned her back on the Des Moines Register because the left-wing tilt the paper embraces made it improbable they would ever give her a fair shake much less an endorsement. Conservatives lauded her actions. 

Still, the history of people delivering rebuttals to a SOTU is not good. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle gave the rebuttal to George W. Bush. He was later voted out of office as an obstructionist. In recent history, ten GOP governors and senators have delivered the party’s response to the president. Only Paul Ryan has seen his political fortunes improve as a result. So history is not on Ernst’s side.

Leahy Fails to End Cloture on His NSA Reform Bill

Sen. Patrick Leahy failed to break cloture on the USA Freedom Act, a bill to curtail NSA surveillance. The bill enjoyed bi-partisan support, but Leahy was able to get only 58 votes in favor of ending cloture. That was two votes shy of the required 60 votes. President Obama had weighed in on the bill and stated he would sign it. The House had previously approved their version of the bill, but it did not go as far as Leahy’s version in curtailing the NSAs broad surveillance program.

The bill was co-sponsored by prominent GOP Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas. At the same time, the GOP was fractured in their support of the bill. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell rallied votes against its passage. Quite likely he was the reason the cloture vote was derailed. McConnell believes that while the government is fighting ISIS the NSA surveillance program needs to remain in place. He also explained that there currently exists a delicate balance between national security and civil liberties. The USA Freedom act, he alleges, would upset that balance. Senator Paul Ryan opposed the bill because it would extend the Patriot Act by two additional years.

Various civil liberties groups were in support of the bill. Opposition to the NSA surveillance program has remained strong ever since fugitive whistle blower Edward Snowden exposed its existence. He faces arrest and imprisonment should he return to US soil. Big thanks to Jared Haftel for sharing the Buzzfeed article on Facebook.

Stem Cell Therapy for MS Determined Appears Safe

A recently completed medical trial has determined that intravenous stem cell therapy in Multiple Sclerosis patients is safe. Whether the therapy is effective in treating the disease remains to be seen. MS, a degenerative neurological disease with no known cure, has many forms and current treatment options don’t work for many patients. The stem cell therapies used in these trials offer a beacon of hope to many afflicted with the illness.

The trial, which had backing from the North American Spine industry, used autologous mesenchymal stem cells taken from the patients’ bone marrow. 24 patients participated in the trial, which was led by Dr. Jeffrey Cohen of the Cleveland Clinic. According to Cohen, the primary purpose of this phase 1 trial was to ensure the treatment was safe and feasible. Cohen confirmed that “there were, in fact, very few if any side effects, and certainly no serious or severe adverse events.”

As for the effect of the stem cell treatment on the disease, there was no clear benefit or ultimate improvement to current levels of disability.

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