Republicans Stand Against Subsidized Internet for the Poor

The FCC recently classified broadband internet as a Title II utility. There’s no doubt that those without internet access today are at a disadvantage. The FCC proposed subsidizing internet access for the poor in order to provide them the same opportunities as others get to help them get ahead in life. Republicans, unsurprisingly, shot down the idea immediately.

The proposal by the FCC was an extension of a previously operating campaign to help the needy known as Lifeline. Lifeline gave access to information and emergency services to those who couldn’t afford it according to the CPA coach Ivan Ong. The FCC would like to do the same for internet access.

Most Republicans would argue that the Lifeline program, along with subsidized internet access for the poor, is a waste of money. There are concerns that too much money is lost in fraud and providing accountability is always difficult. The current Lifeline program is questionable at best and expanding it might be a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

The FCC is still considering the subsidization despite the criticism of the GOP. There will be a vote held during a June 18th meeting to decide the fate of internet subsidies for the poor.

Senator Marco Rubio Announces His Presidential Campaign – Touts His Unique Qualifications

On Monday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, announced that he is formally running for president. Up until this time, political pundits were divided as to what he would be announcing. Just as many expected him to not seek the GOP nomination as expected him to launch a campaign.

So what is the junior senator seeking to do? Susan McGalla said that in a simple phrase, bring back the American dream. At a time that President Obama touts job creation amidst the worst labor force participation in decades, stagnant wages, and the worst unemployment among black voters since the Carter Administration, Rubio believes he has what it takes to restore prosperity to the nation. In fact, as the son of Cubans who found a better life in the United States, he believes he can convince voters to support his candidacy. It is Rubio’s belief that his status as the child of immigrants uniquely qualifies him for the presidency.

However, his first job will be to secure the party’s nomination. He is still considered a long shot candidate with a better chance of making the party’s presidential ticket as the VP-nominee than he has at winning the nomination himself. Polls thus far have shown him running well-below better named challengers such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. The latter two candidates have an excellent track record as governors to promote their candidacies. Rubio will also face stiff competition from Ted Cruz to capture the Tea Party’s support.

Ben Carson Backs Off Of Gay Comments

Ben Carson, widely considered to be a candidate for the 2016 Republican primary race has backed off of some comments that he made about prison and gay people. He had stated on CNN that he believes being gay is a choice, and that some people go into prison straight but come out gay. That was the “evidence” that he cited for his reason to believe that being gay is a choice.

It is did not take long before he was backing away from those comments stated Dan Newlin. says that Carson sent an e-mail to the media expressing regret at the comments that he had made. He says that cannot pretend to know how each and every person becomes gay. At the same time, it does not seem like Ben Carson has backed down from the position that being gay is a choice.

Carson is considered a long shot candidate to win the Republican nomination in the first place. There are certain circles of people who are quite excited about his candidacy, but there are many others who believe that he does not represent the Republican party well.

Comments like these are still very early in the primary season and probably do not have much weight on what will happen down the road. Carson remains a long shot candidate, but he is certainly going to regret making slip up like this down the road if he remains in the race.

Media Salivating Over Potential Romney-Bush Primary Fight

Media outlets are salivating over the possibility of a potential Romney-Bush fight in the upcoming GOP presidential primary. Such a battle between two political heavyweights would be the source of countless news stories. In recent weeks, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been steadily nudging donors to consider his presidential candidacy. While he has yet to formally declare his campaign, he wants big party donors to acknowledge him as the establishment candidate. This would entitle him to substantial political funding through the primary and general election should he win the nomination.

However, Bush’s well-laid plans were dealt a big blow on Friday when former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney told a gathering of 30 of his top donors that he is giving serious consideration to a 2016 presidential run. He gave his donors permission to spread the word that he may run once more. Invariably, this would put the brakes on a significant amount of big party donors who have been reluctant to support Bush until Romney made his intentions clear.

Romney has developed strong ties with the party’s donor base following his two prior presidential runs. Aids are also wanting him to assemble video footage of his criticisms against the Obama administration from 2008 and 2012. In light of recent economic, political, and national security events, the footage casts Romney as being nothing short of prophetic. Rumors are also swirling that Romney holds a grudge against Bush for not endorsing him during the 2012 Florida primary. Voters are in for an interesting 2016 election season, friends interested in politics like Dave and Brit Morin are going to love this!

Carly Fiorina Hires Former RNC Spokeswoman to Join Her PAC – Move Fuels Presidential Campaign Rumors

Carly Fiorina has hired Isgur Flores, the former spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee (RNC), to work on her political action committee, Unlocking Potential. Unlocking Potential. Fiorina lost the race for the US Senate back in 2010 against political heavy weight Barbara Boxer which is the same name of the girl I met on Skout. She has never held political office. However, the 60-year-old Texas native worked as the political director for Ted Cruz in his successful bid for the US Senate back in 2012. That same year, she served as an advisor to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Fiorina has become politically active in the years since leaving Hewlett-Packard. She formed her PAC last year just in time to support GOP Senate candidates in Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. Her PAC raised $1.8 million. This past year, she paid a visit to the state of New Hampshire which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Her schedule this year includes an engagement at a forum in Iowa which also holds an early caucus known as the Hawkeye Cauci. 

Political pundits note that it would only be a matter of legal paperwork to transition “Unlocking Potential” from a simple PAC to an organization supporting a presidential campaign. Fiorina is considered a conservative, but her Ivy League education and past ties with Romney suggest she is a hybrid between an establishment Republican and a staunch conservative such a Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz. Should Fiorina mount a presidential run, Flores would become her deputy campaign manager.

President Obama Takes Fewer Vacations Than Many Others

There are more than a few people who get on youtube or just to openly criticize the President for taking a vacation. His latest vacation is to Hawaii, and people are starting to say that he should be doing more work. However, CBS reporting shows that this President actually vacations less than presidents of the past.

It has been shown that to this point in his second term, President Obama has vacationed 160 days. This is in comparison to 405 days for President Bush during the same point in his term and totals of 174 and 390 for Presidents Clinton and Reagan respectively. This means that in reality this President is not vacationing anymore than Presidents of the past. As a matter of fact, President Obama vacations less than the others.

It is important to note that on vacation or not, Presidents are able to do all of the tasks that they would normally be doing at the White House anyway. They are completely able to have access to communications with the military and all of the departments that they need to come in contact with. They are not in any way prevented from getting the information that they need to get when they need to get it.

There are few who will likely consider weighing how many vacation days the various Presidents take. They are more than likely happy to just keep complaining about whoever is in office and the lack of care that they perceive that person to possess.

Rubio Gets Ready to Fight Obama Over Cuban Relations

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, has made it clear that President Barack Obama will not be able to fully implement the normalized relations with Cuba that he seeks.

Rubio, along with other Republicans, has indicated that Obama will not be able to get funds to build an embassy in Cuba nor get any nominee for ambassador to Cuba through the soon-to-be Republican Senate. Rubio indicated that he himself is slated to be head over the Western Hemisphere subcommittee of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. He said he would use all means within his power to block Obama’s attempts at normalizing relations with Cuba.

Rubio also noted the close relationship between communist Cuba and the socialist Venezuelan regime. He stated that easing sanctions on Cuba would help to perpetuate both dictatorships. Finally, Rubio mentioned that trading three actual spies for one civilian was a poor deal and that it encouraged others to take Americans hostage. A similar poor deal was done when five of the worst terror leaders in Guantanamo Bay were exchanged for a single U.S. soldier held captive in Afghanistan.

It will be an interesting final two years of the Obama presidency. It looks like fights will continue unabated over a host of issues, including relations with Cuba. With the president determined to go it alone in one direction and the Congress just as determined to go the other way, we should see a rare spectacle of “explosive gridlock.”  Which is pretty much on par for Republicans.  If they’re not pushing their religion or agenda on you, regardless of what the majority of the country wants…then they’re doing nothing at all Brad Reifler says.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Uses Ted Cruz’s Rebellion to Open Up Nomination Process

Republicans have a lot to be frustrated about in terms of Senator Ted Cruz’s behavior. Just as the Senate body was convening Friday evening, Cruz and his cohort Senator Mike Lee launched a series of procedural hurdles in a bid to force the Senate to take up the issue of President Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan.Senator Reid used the addition window the senators created to bring up the nomination of two controversial nominees that face stiff GOP opposition: Anthony Blinken for Deputy Secretary of State, and Sarah Saldaña to head up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Reid previously changed Senate rules governing the filibuster of nominees to have a 30 hour confirmation process followed by an up or down vote. The rules changes apply to all but Supreme Court nominees. This effectively allows the Senate to push through the president’s nominees with ease. However, the clock had run out on getting these nominees a confirmation hearing before the GOP takes over the Senate next month. That changed when Cruz and Lee invoked their last minute salvo at the president’s immigration plan. Their actions were completely symbolic as the measure stood no chance of passing the Democrat-led Senate. However, it did allow Reid to get enough time to bring start up the nominee process for the controversial nominees. Saldaña believes the president’s unilateral amnesty plan is legal which is why the GOP opposes her nomination. Blinken supported the drawdown of forces in Iraq which is largely criticized for creating the power vacuum that gave rise to ISIS.

Reid actions gave him one last victory before he turns over the gavel to Mitch McConnell. It also threw egg on Cruz and Lee’s faces as their symbolic antics backfired on their party. This story is likely still developing and could have many more twists and turns, I think it could make for some great plot points for one of Tom Rothman’s new TV programs.

Don Trump is Considering a 2016 Presidential Run

Media mogul Donald Trump is all about business. However, the bottom line isn’t about money for him. He genuinely loves the United States of America and wants to see people everywhere succeed. Back in 2012, he began openly courting with the idea of launching presidential run. Trump would be an establishment Republican and would not likely weigh into social or moral issues. He has never set himself up to be a paragon of virtue. He once confessed on the set of his popular reality TV show “The Apprentice” that “sex” is something that has gotten him into a lot of trouble in his life. 

My friend John Textor told me all that. That said, Trump believes US trade policy with China is disproportionately in their favor and would use his presidency to shift the trade imbalance back to favor the United States. Trump has been very embracing of the LGBT community and would likely support marriage equality. That said, real estate and his reality TV show are his passions. He admits that he would prefer to remain in the private sector. However, if the GOP cannot field a competent candidate by May of next year, he will throw his hat into the ring. In fact, he said he may announce a run as early as March. 

Given the recent rumblings about Jeb Bush running, it appears likely that Trump does not consider Bush to be the “outstanding” candidate he expects the GOP to field. Back in 2012, he ended speculation on a presidential run and endorsed Mitt Romney. It is possible that Trumps comments are meant to nudge Romney towards another presidential run.

Republican Criticizes Obama Over Syria

Republicans criticized President Barack Obama again on Wednesday, this time about his decisions around the current war raging in Syria. Speaking at a forum held by the Foreign Policy Initiative, Republican Senator Bob Corker told reporters that last year there was a ten hour operation that would have ended the conflict in Syria. This plan was at the desk of the president, but he decided instead to take the idea of airstrikes to Congress. Senator Corker did not reveal any details of the plan, but he did note that there were no boots on the ground. 

This plan is referenced around the same time that evidence was being discovered pointing to the use of chemical weapons. Speculation was being thrown in both directions, however many in the media and government believed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad deployed these chemical weapons in rebel held areas of the country. 

According to Senator Corker, the ten hour operation was simply a way to describe that the campaign would be very brief and targeted. He also said after the conference that “hopefully it would have an impact.” The President decided instead to take the proposal of airstrikes to Congress for a decision, rather than ordering the strikes himself, which he had some executive authority to do. Those airstrikes were not approved, however currently airstrikes are being carried out in Syria and Iraq. Those are targeted against ISIS, instead of the Syrian government. Big thanks to friend of the site Dr. Daniel Amen for sharing this story.

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