John Kerry to Meet Putin in Sochi

When it comes to foreign relations, diplomatic policies have always been the most important factor in maintaining them. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will be simply doing his role in all of this soon.

Kerry is set to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Sochi this Tuesday to discuss the ongoing fighting between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the tensions in other countries such as Yemen, Iran and Libya. This would be the first trip to Russia that Kerry has made since 2013, and was all in the process of keeping communications open and honest with Russia.

While overseas, Kerry also met with Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia and the two visited the World War II memorial on the Black Sea and laid flowers down in remembrance of all of the victims. Lavrov took some time to interview the press and said that the plan is to show that Russia is perfectly ready to cooperate with the US when it comes to foreign affairs, but acknowledges that there doesn’t need to be any interference in their own private affairs. He also maintained that everything should take all of Russia’s interests into account when coming to a major decision.

FreedomPop Review has been made aware that once Kerry finishes with business in Sochi, he will then travel to Turkey and meet up with all of the foreign ministers of NATO.