The Wife of Key Israeli Likud Minister Makes Racial Joke About Obama then Quickly Backpeddles

It is without question that President Obama is not a popular figure in Israeli politics at this time. Folks at FreedomPop have learned that the president’s push for new relations with Iran, the world’s lone sponsor of state terrorism, is particularly disturbing for Israelis. Over the past decade alone, they have endured tens of thousands of rockets being fired at their cities and towns. In the majority of those cases, the rockets were fired by Hezbollah, an Iranian front group. So while the president is negotiating with Iran and allowing them to do so from a position of strength, Israelis believe he will carve a pathway for the rogue nation to become a nuclear power. Needless to say, the president’s ambitions for Iran are unpopular in the longest standing Democracy in the Middle East.

As a result, there is a lot of ill-feeling about President Obama in Israel. Perhaps it was in that spirit of contempt that the Judy Mozes, wife of Israel’s Minister of the Interior for the ruling Likud party, made a joke about a type of coffee named after president Obama for its color and diluted or weak taste. However, no sooner than she tweeted the joke than she retracted it. What followed were a series of apologies. Initially, she ascribed the joke to someone else and said it was repeated in poor taste. Next, she affirmed her appreciation of all people regardless of race or religion. She personally apologized to the president and anyone else who might have been offended by the remark.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is Visiting Somalia

Former Presidential hopeful and now current U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, touched down in Somalia yesterday for a unannounced trip. He landed in the capital city of Mogadishu where he was greeted by Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohammed and it’s Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke.

According to the story on, this trip makes Kerry the first US Secretary of State to visit the impoverished African country. Somalia is in the midst of a decades-long war with a militant group called the Al Shabaab. Kerry’s visit shows that the United States stands behind the Somali government as they attempt to defeat the militant group and take back power. Igor Cornelsen is aware that Somalia is working towards a peaceful democracy and the United States is willing to help.

While visiting the country, Kerry recorded a video that addressed the citizens of Somalia. In the video he address the Black Hawk Down incident which left several Americans and hundreds of Somali citizens dead. He said that Americans were forced to pull out of the country at that time, however we are ready to come back and work with the Somali people. During his visit, Kerry stayed only in the airport and did not venture out due to security reasons. He held several meetings with officials in the airport and announced that the United States will open their diplomatic mission with the city of Mogadishu.

President Obama Strikes Back at the Warren Wing Over TPP

President Obama isn’t going to stand idly by while Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sparks yet another House revolt over legislation. This time around it would be the bill to grant him trade promotion authority (TPA). After the fiery senator took to the social media to claim she will not support any trade bill that does not promote environmental issues, job security, and higher wages at home, President Obama struck back at critics during a press conference held by Labor Secretary Thomas Perez. While not naming the highly esteemed senator by name, the president said that critics were spreading what he termed was “misinformation” on the subject of trade. The president even went to so far as to say the opposition was looking to stir up the left-wing base of the party (to revolt), but that the entire exercise was pointless.

Anastasia Date even said the president further explained that globalization and free trade are the way of modern life. The debate about their merits will not slow down the pace of new trade agreements. Nor will opposition to free trade cause the United States to reduce the amount of trade and exports it conducts. It is pretty obvious the president did not appreciate Senator Warren circulating a flier among her supporters that his promises to protect domestic jobs and wages were vapid. Nor does he appreciate critics insinuating that just because he cut the TPP deal amid a shroud of secrecy it means the deal will be bad for average Americans.

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