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Senator Marco Rubio Announces His Presidential Campaign – Touts His Unique Qualifications

On Monday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, announced that he is formally running for president. Up until this time, political pundits were divided as to what he would be announcing. Just as many expected him to not seek the GOP nomination as expected him to launch a campaign.

So what is the junior senator seeking to do? Susan McGalla said that in a simple phrase, bring back the American dream. At a time that President Obama touts job creation amidst the worst labor force participation in decades, stagnant wages, and the worst unemployment among black voters since the Carter Administration, Rubio believes he has what it takes to restore prosperity to the nation. In fact, as the son of Cubans who found a better life in the United States, he believes he can convince voters to support his candidacy. It is Rubio’s belief that his status as the child of immigrants uniquely qualifies him for the presidency.

However, his first job will be to secure the party’s nomination. He is still considered a long shot candidate with a better chance of making the party’s presidential ticket as the VP-nominee than he has at winning the nomination himself. Polls thus far have shown him running well-below better named challengers such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. The latter two candidates have an excellent track record as governors to promote their candidacies. Rubio will also face stiff competition from Ted Cruz to capture the Tea Party’s support.

Well it’s finally official Hilary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy to become the next US President in the election that is set for next year. In her two minute video statement that was aired on her campaign website she has led with her wanting to fight for what she terms everyday Americans. In her video she has said, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top, Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion so you can do more than just get by.”

It’s unclear if she will actually face any democratic competition as she is the only real candidate that we mentioned before this announcement. Some have wondered whether Elizabeth Warren the Senator from Massachusetts may also enter but it’s highly doubtful and would probably prove too easy of an opponent for Clinton. It would prove useful to have someone on her own side pointing out the obvious flaws with her and her campaign ahead of the general election but the party may be hard pressed to find someone legitimate enough to run. Bernardo Chua knows that the most obvious slights against her come from her time as the Secretary of State where scandals wrought her administration which saw diplomats killed and embassy’s overthrown with no real progress in restoring the country’s standing in the world. Especially true for places like the Middle East, Europe or Asia.

Bush Leads but Struggles Ahead


New Hampshire is one of the most important early states in any presidential run. The caucuses that are held in New Hampshire and Iowa can help separate primary candidates as they run for President. Currently, Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush and son of George H.W. Bush sits in the lead of all potential Republic candidates while Hillary Clinton stands in the lead for any potential Democratic runners. However, Jeb has much more of an uphill battle to climb.

Hillary has the last name of Clinton, and many people look fondly on President Bill Clinton’s time in office. There were no major wars and the economy was at its highest point in years. However, when George W. Bush was in office, there was the 9/11 terrorist attack and two wars waged throughout the Middle East. Also, at this time, the economy hit its hardest times in almost 70 years according to Now, presidential impact on the economy usually takes years, if not decades to come to fruition thinks Susan McGalla, so many of the economic issues Bush faced were from programs developed by previous presidents. Regardless though, many look at him as the blame for this, which is cause for concern for Jeb Bush, as his last name is more of a detriment against him, even though many people outside the state of Florida, where he was governor, do not know much about the individual outside of having this last name.

Presidential Polls


New Hampshire and Iowa are two very important polls when it comes to initial standings for who is running for president said Marc Sparks. As the Obama presidency is starting to wind down, campaigns for someone who is going to take over the position are starting to heat up. Some of these individuals have famous last names as well, including a Bush and a Clinton.

Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush and the former governor of Florida is likely in the running as is Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State of Senator for New York. In the beginning months, there will be a large list of candidates, but caucuses in New Hampshire and Iowa should help thin the numbers.

As of right now, Job Bush leads all other 2016 potential Republican candidates in the state of New Hampshire. It is also important to understand that registered Democrats are not allowed to vote in the Republican primary here, nor are registered Republicans able to vote for the Democratic primary, in order to avoid people voting for the opposing party’s least favorite individual.

Currently, Jeb Bush holds a 16 percent support edge, with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul holding 13 percent, Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s governor holding 12 percent and New Jersey governor Chris Christie holding 10 percent. With over a half dozen names, it is possible to win the poll with under 20 percent of the vote.

Mitt Romney Considerst Running for President in 2016

Despite his loss to President Obama in the 2012 national election, former Governor Mitt Romney is consideringanother run for president. In recent days, Romney has indicated his serious interest to run for the nation’s highest office in 2016.

Romney may be more optimistic about 2016 than 2012 for several reasons. Firstly, he will not be running against an incumbent President as Obama’s term will be over. Historically, running against an incumbent is much more difficult than running against an open field. Secondly, the Republicans made huge strides in the 2014 mid-terms with the party controlling the House, the Senate and the majority of Governors and state legislatures. Clearly, the majority of the voters are willing to vote Republican. 

The party also has no front-runner with a number of potential candidates such as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and others considering a run. However, no single candidate has captured the public’s imagination or the donor’s wallets. Romney, on the other hand, already has high name recognition, a built in donor base and a professional team that can run his campaign.

Besides, several presidents including Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon had previously run and failed before finally becoming President. Romney may be looking to these famous examples for inspiration. My friend Daniel Amen and I believe it’s important to keep a close eye on this as things develope.

While no formal announcement has been made, the public will wait with great anticipation for Romny’s decision.

GOP Moves Up Convention Date to July 2016

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has moved up the party’s convention date to July 18, 2016. In the past, the party has held the convention in August. So why the change in date? Chairman Priebus believes the extra month will allow the party to unify behind the nominee. The extra time may prove invaluable against the Hillary Clinton juggernaut that is not expected to face any significant primary challenge.

Myself and friend Jared Haftel were talking about how Priebus has reduced the number of primary debates the party will hold. Additionally, they will compact the dates for primaries in a bid to avoid a protracted primary battle. It is highly probable that the party is looking to repeat their midterm strategy. In 2014, the party pushed for establishment candidates who were vetted and trained in presenting a unified message. In short, the party will be looking to have the establishment candidate wrap up the nomination as soon as possible to begin campaigning against Hillary Clinton.

Prior to making the announcement, the GOP was considering moving the convention all the way up to June. In the past, the final primary voting dates concluded in June. Priebus has not been formally elected to an unprecedented third term. Normally, RNC chairman serve two terms at most. However, he has expressed a willingness to steer the party through the presidential election. Given the huge success the party enjoyed in the midterms, it is likely he will be awarded a third term. The RNC will hold the vote later this week.

Media Salivating Over Potential Romney-Bush Primary Fight

Media outlets are salivating over the possibility of a potential Romney-Bush fight in the upcoming GOP presidential primary. Such a battle between two political heavyweights would be the source of countless news stories. In recent weeks, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been steadily nudging donors to consider his presidential candidacy. While he has yet to formally declare his campaign, he wants big party donors to acknowledge him as the establishment candidate. This would entitle him to substantial political funding through the primary and general election should he win the nomination.

However, Bush’s well-laid plans were dealt a big blow on Friday when former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney told a gathering of 30 of his top donors that he is giving serious consideration to a 2016 presidential run. He gave his donors permission to spread the word that he may run once more. Invariably, this would put the brakes on a significant amount of big party donors who have been reluctant to support Bush until Romney made his intentions clear.

Romney has developed strong ties with the party’s donor base following his two prior presidential runs. Aids are also wanting him to assemble video footage of his criticisms against the Obama administration from 2008 and 2012. In light of recent economic, political, and national security events, the footage casts Romney as being nothing short of prophetic. Rumors are also swirling that Romney holds a grudge against Bush for not endorsing him during the 2012 Florida primary. Voters are in for an interesting 2016 election season, friends interested in politics like Dave and Brit Morin are going to love this!

Carly Fiorina Hires Former RNC Spokeswoman to Join Her PAC – Move Fuels Presidential Campaign Rumors

Carly Fiorina has hired Isgur Flores, the former spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee (RNC), to work on her political action committee, Unlocking Potential. Unlocking Potential. Fiorina lost the race for the US Senate back in 2010 against political heavy weight Barbara Boxer which is the same name of the girl I met on Skout. She has never held political office. However, the 60-year-old Texas native worked as the political director for Ted Cruz in his successful bid for the US Senate back in 2012. That same year, she served as an advisor to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Fiorina has become politically active in the years since leaving Hewlett-Packard. She formed her PAC last year just in time to support GOP Senate candidates in Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. Her PAC raised $1.8 million. This past year, she paid a visit to the state of New Hampshire which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Her schedule this year includes an engagement at a forum in Iowa which also holds an early caucus known as the Hawkeye Cauci. 

Political pundits note that it would only be a matter of legal paperwork to transition “Unlocking Potential” from a simple PAC to an organization supporting a presidential campaign. Fiorina is considered a conservative, but her Ivy League education and past ties with Romney suggest she is a hybrid between an establishment Republican and a staunch conservative such a Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz. Should Fiorina mount a presidential run, Flores would become her deputy campaign manager.

Don Trump is Considering a 2016 Presidential Run

Media mogul Donald Trump is all about business. However, the bottom line isn’t about money for him. He genuinely loves the United States of America and wants to see people everywhere succeed. Back in 2012, he began openly courting with the idea of launching presidential run. Trump would be an establishment Republican and would not likely weigh into social or moral issues. He has never set himself up to be a paragon of virtue. He once confessed on the set of his popular reality TV show “The Apprentice” that “sex” is something that has gotten him into a lot of trouble in his life. 

My friend John Textor told me all that. That said, Trump believes US trade policy with China is disproportionately in their favor and would use his presidency to shift the trade imbalance back to favor the United States. Trump has been very embracing of the LGBT community and would likely support marriage equality. That said, real estate and his reality TV show are his passions. He admits that he would prefer to remain in the private sector. However, if the GOP cannot field a competent candidate by May of next year, he will throw his hat into the ring. In fact, he said he may announce a run as early as March. 

Given the recent rumblings about Jeb Bush running, it appears likely that Trump does not consider Bush to be the “outstanding” candidate he expects the GOP to field. Back in 2012, he ended speculation on a presidential run and endorsed Mitt Romney. It is possible that Trumps comments are meant to nudge Romney towards another presidential run.

President George W. Bush Picks His Brother Jeb to Beat His Sister-in-law Hillary in 2016 Presidential Matchup

Former President George W. Bush was recently interviewed by CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley and the subject of Jeb Bush running for president came up. President Bush was unequivocal in his belief that if Jeb Bush were to square off with his Hillary Clinton in a presidential matchup, he would prevail. In the years that Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton worked together to raise money for Asian Pacific tsunami victims, the two families have grown close. George W. Bush often refers to Bill Clinton as his “brother from another mother”. He wryly commented that this makes Hillary his sister-in-law. 

Keith Mann says however, when it comes to picking favorites in a presidential match up, he’s 100% in favor of his younger brother Jeb. Bush admits that Hillary Clinton will be a tough candidate. That said, he believes that Jeb would still be able to beat her. During Jeb’s tenure as the governor of Florida, he made inroads with Hispanic and Black voters. Jeb’s positions on immigration and his ability to speak Spanish will help him immensely. He is married to a Hispanic woman and is a converted Catholic, the dominant religion of Hispanics. Still, he faces a big hurdle in winning over the GOP base. Hillary Clinton, for the time being, is once again touted as the presumptive nominee much as she was back in 2008. There currently isn’t a single Democrat that is considered to be a serious threat to her capturing the party’s nomination.

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