Sawyer Howitt is the son of the founder of Meriwether Group, and he is a young man on a mission who wishes to give aservice to all the clients he meets in his duties with the company. He is a high school senior who has helped nonprofits in the past, and this article shows how the Meriwether business is growing with a new generation ready to help. Sawyer Howitt has done quite a lot already, and he will soon be off to college to learn how to run the family business.

#1: Serving Nonprofits

There are several nonprofits who will come to Meriwether because they will have investment questions, and they will receive a plan of action from Sawyer Howitt when he meets with them. He is learning on the job, and he has helped a number of organizations manage their money in a better way. The person who come to meet Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) will be dazzled by his intellect and attention to detail.

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#2: His Academic Career

Sawyer has been performing well in school, and he is an accepted student at Columbia University where he will learn how to manage the business that his father now runs. He wishes to ensure that the family company will be safe for the future, and he done quite a lot to that end at his young age.

Meriwether Group is helping companies invest their money properly every day. They are learning to manage their funds in a way that is productive, and they often receive help from Sawyer Howitt himself.

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