End Citizens United Fight To Halt Churches Becominig Political Entities

The 2017 Republican-backed effort to reform the tax code of the U.S. has been widely criticized by Democrats and the members of End Citizens United but a closer look at the Bill reveals much more serious issues in its many clauses. One of the aspects of the Bill which has caused the greatest concern for End Citizens United is the changes proposed to one of the least controversial add-ons’s ever passed by Congress; the Johnson Amendment was introduced by future President Lyndon B. Johnson when he was still a Senator and limited the political actions of many charitable groups including Churches.

End Citizens United has questioned both the legality and reasons behind the proposed changes to the Johnson Amendment as this measure passed into law in 1954 with little opposition from either party. The overall aim of the Johnson Amendment was to limit the movement of dark money into the election cycle from political donors using churches as a cover for their political aims. The response of End Citizens United to the Republican Tax Reform Bill was to question the reasons why Churches would be exempt from the regulations of the Johnson Amendment which would allow political donors to class any contributions to campaigns made through a Church as a tax write-off.

Established in 2015, End Citizens United has grown to become one of the most important PAC’s in the nation for those who wish to limit the influence of political donors on U.S. election campaign finances. The group refuses to take on Super PAC status as it would allow unlimited donations to be made to the group by major donors who would wish to influence the direction the group takes in the future.

As a political campaign group, End Citizens United wishes to assist as many candidates to gain office as possible who are friendly to the cause of reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The effort to reverse this decision would require support at national and state level which is why End Citizens United is hoping to raise around $35 million in campaign funds for the 2018 Midterm election cycle.

Alongside the growing number of supporters backing End Citizens United, the group is also attracting the support of many Democrat politicians who are backing the cause of overturning Citizens United. Perhaps the most high-profile candidate backed by the APC was Hillary Clinton in her quest to win The White House during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election; End Citizens United has also pledged its support for Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 election cycle.

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End Citizens United Taking Action To Keep Politics Out Of Churches

Far-right political groups in the United States continue to play insidious games with campaign finance rules that have played an important part in keeping American political races fair and honest.

Among the latest targets of the Trump Administration and Republican hardliners is something called the Johnson Amendment, named for former President Lyndon Johnson who championed the rule while serving in the U.S. Senate.

The Johnson Amendment has been a provision in the U.S. Tax Code since 1954, and has never been controversial until just recently.


Basically, the Johnson Amendment prohibits all tax-exempt, non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing any political candidate. The rule is mostly designed to keep church and religious organizations out of politics. Under the Johnson Amendment, preachers cannot “preach from the pulpit” in favor of or opposed to any candidate.

The rule has become an integral element supporting the deep American tradition of separation of church and state.

But now many groups – mostly right-wing, conservative Republican forces – want the Johnson Amendment scrapped so that churches across America can get deeply involved in influencing the voting habits of their “flocks.”

A group called End Citizens United (ECU) is aggressively fighting to keep the Johnson Amendment in place. ECU is a political action committee (PAC) formed in 2015 in direct reaction to a 2010 Supreme Court Ruling that came to be known and Citizens United.

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling basically opened the floodgates that allowed massive corporations and private billionaires to donate as much campaign money as they wanted to the candidate of their choice. Furthermore, the new ruling said that no candidate or party had to report just where the money was coming from – in other words, unlimited amounts of “dark money” was made legal.

Under the 2010 Supreme Court ruling, corporations were granted the same status as “people” and money was deemed to be “free speech.” The result of this disastrous decision is that the average American voter has become increasingly disenfranchised from the American political system.

End Citizens United has a primary goal of someday reversing the 2010 Supreme Court ruling by passing a Constitutional Amendment that will nullify its effect. However, ECU is also fighting bad campaign finance actions on many other fronts – one of which is the new attack from political right-wing groups on the Johnson Amendment.

The ECU has also been aggressively fundraising on a grassroots level to support candidates who also oppose the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Those candidates tend to be Democrats.

The ECU is on track to raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle. It has done so by garnering hundreds of thousands of small donations averaging just $14 from concerned American citizens who are sick and tired of seeing U.S. elections bought and sold by wealthy elites. Read more:


End Citizens United Accumulates Voice for Election Campaign Reforms

End Citizens United, a well-known PAC for its fight against grey big money donors in politics, accumulates voice for election campaign reforms in the recent days. The PAC is significantly improving  mass support as many Americans are aware of the imminent threat to their election process and purity of their democracy. Recently, ECU decided to promote the Senate nominee for Alabama, Doug Jones from Democratic Party in the upcoming Dec. 12 special election. Jones clashes with Roy Moore, who is found to be an extremist and showed bigoted and racist agenda in the past. ECU warned that Moore is not representing the views of Alabamians and found to be in favor of the rigged and corrupted system of Washington.

Interestingly, ECU executive President, Tiffany Muller, states the radical agenda of Moore does not have a place in the Senate. She continued that such extreme ideologies are against the values of Alabama as well as the country. Moore has repeatedly failed to address the needs and expectations of Alabamians and paid $1 million to his wife in the past from a charity he controlled. Contrary to that, Jones is known for his integrity and commitment to the dignity of constitution. While he was serving as an attorney, Jones proved that he is a tough prosecutor who stood for speaking and fighting for truth against all the odds. ECU hopes that he would continue his fights against rigging system in the House to ensure fair election process for all Americans.

Tiffany Muller joined with Democratic Representative, Jim McGovern, and explained how vulnerable the election system after the Citizens United verdict in 2010. They say that it is already identified the external forces could intervene the election process of the country by the 2016 Presidential election. The Russia meddling has created a bigger impact in the election, and the investigation team has already found that a Russian troll farm spent $100,000 for a digital ad campaign on Facebook during the election to change it in favor of Donald Trump. Many independent analysts see it as a beginning, and the current campaign finance laws are making the situation more vulnerable. It has also become extremely difficult to trace such interventions and spending considering the weak campaign laws.

It is widely accepted that the loopholes in the system make way for money groups and foreign elements. There are many other examples of similar incidents in the past that revealed the foreign big money donors or corporations are playing with the U.S. election system. End Citizens United is planning to elect a significant number of members for both the Houses to make a constitution amendment for a new, rigid, and highly regulated election finance law to avoid fringe elements. The PAC is also educating the everyday Americans the need for such a constitution amendment through various campaigns, including social media.

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George Soros a Voice of Hope to The Oppressed

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists around the world, having given more than $12 billion to charity throughout his life. Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros experienced first-hand persecution during the Nazi German occupation of his home country during the World War II. Being of Jewish descent, Mr. Soros and his family survived the period by using fake documents and identification papers. He learned then that evil and injustice in the world can be defeated if people are resourceful and brave enough to stand up to it and learn more about Goerge Soros.

At age 17, George Soros fled Hungary in 1947 to join the London School of Economics where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Coming from a humble background, he had to work as a railway porter and a part-time waiter to get himself through college. It is at this time that he came in contact with the teachings of Karl Popper on an open society. According to Popper, it is impossible for humans to create the perfect society. Therefore, society must always be given the space to grow and change through the provision of democratic governance, freedom of expression and the respect of all individuals’ rights within the society and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

When Soros immigrated to the United States, he did two main things which have made him famous the world over. The first was that he made a fortune for himself, becoming one of the richest people in the world. A shrewd manager and investor, Mr. Soros has amassed a world of wealth estimated to be $23 billion. He also founded the Open Society Foundation to help advance the creation of society as had been described by Karl Popper. Democracy, freedom of speech and expression and the respect of the rights of each individual in a society is George Soros’ main concern and the philosophy behind the establishment of the Open Society Foundation and Follow his Twitter.

Although the Open Society Foundation is the main organ through which George Soros carries out his philanthropic activities, he occasionally makes individual contributions to courses he believes in and holds dear. He believes in tolerance, acceptance, and diversification of all societies around the world and more information click here.

In this accord, Mr. Soros has been in the forefront of funding politicians and political parties that advance this school of thought. He believes in giving the politically oppressed a voice around the world. In effect, this has placed him at loggerheads with conservative political parties, especially the Republican Party in America and what George Soros knows.

Although he became relatively inactive throughout the Obama presidency, Mr. Soros has made a comeback in the Trump era. He has been actively involved in funding the Democratic Party agenda and was among the main contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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Koch vs Trump

Donald Trump is one of the most controversial figures in politics today. There are a lot of people who are tired of hearing about various things in the news. The Koch brothers are one of the most influential groups in business today. Charles Koch has had a long career of success in the finance industry. Anyone who wants to invest in the future should read and listen to what they have to say in business. They recently came out against Donald Trump and everything that he has been saying in the news. There are a lot of people concerned about the future of the country, and this is one of the biggest reasons why. Having people in the business world come out against Trump is big for several reasons. Not only does he have a track record in the world of business, but he also wants people to think he is right all the time.

Charles Koch is one of the Koch brothers who have had a tremendous career in the world of business throughout his life. Not only has he achieved success on a grand scale, but he has worked tirelessly to make a huge difference in the life of others. He has never been afraid to speak his mind, and that is more clear now than ever before. Over the past couple of years, he has become more involved in politics in his local area. Although his politics are usually more conservative, he came out against what Donald Trump had to say on a variety of issues. This took a lot of people by surprise simply because of his background in the world of business. There are a lot of people who want to understand how to stop Donald Trump in politics today.

There are a lot of people who think that Koch may have future plans to run for office. Although it is too late to know for certain, there are some indications that point that direction. With his most recent criticism of trump, this is just one of the most influential ways in which to deal with him. Over the long term, it will be interesting to see if Charles Koch continues to come out against Donald Trump.

When Two People on the Opposite Sides of a Political Spectrum Meet in the Middle

One can never be too certain when it comes to politics. Most times we tend to believe we know how things are going to turn out, but only a few of us get it right. The twists and turns in a soap opera don’t come close to the ones in politics. For example, it is not many times you see people on the opposite sides of a spectrum of politics agree on something unless they are both benefitting. And the chances of that happening are quite slim. However, they do. And it has happened.

Bernie Sanders is not a huge fun of Republicans and vice versa. So when Billionaire Industrialist Charles Koch, who has on numerous times supported Republicans vying for office shared the same sentiments with Bernie Sanders, many were shocked. And am guessing Bernie Sanders was shocked just as much. The Vermont Senator is a well-known Democratic Socialist while the billionaire industrialist is a libertarian. Bernie Sanders has occasionally expressed his concern over the country’s slow shift to an oligarchic society. In such a society, the country is governed by a handful of wealthy people who can manipulate both the economic and political situations in their favor causing the gap between the rich and the poor to widen. As it turns out, Charles Koch, Who Bernie Sanders thinks represents everything that is wrong with America, shares the same sentiments. Recently, Charles Koch shared an op-ed on The Washington Post noting that although the senator has more often than not misunderstood where he stands on some common issues, he agrees that the biased economic and political systems created by the country’s leaders should be tackled.

In the article, Charles Koch writes: “Whenever we allow government to pick winners and losers, we impede progress and move further away from a society of mutual benefit.” Charles Koch also goes further to point out that that is not the only sentiment the two share. They both agree that the criminal justice system is in dire need of reform. According to Charles Koch, the existing laws are tearing apart the lives of low-level and non-violent offenders.

The billionaire industrialist who is one of the richest people on earth has vested interests in politics and has never shied away from airing his concerns. He has numerously cited his opposition to corporate welfare. He has always advocated for minimal government interference in the economy since, according to him, too much government interference can lead to loss of liberty and prosperity.

Charles Koch Is Not A Fan Of Donald Trump

Charles and David Koch value their privacy. Although the two brothers run one of the biggest private corporations in the world, Koch Industries, the two do not seek the public limelight. Both invest a great deal of effort in libertarian and right-leaning political causes, and still prefer to keep their media appearances short and limited. Well, that used to be the case. Charles Koch has greatly increased his discussions with the press.

Recently, Charles Koch granted an interview to Vanity Fair magazine on the subject of Donald Trump. Charles Koch is not a fan of Trump, and the interview reveals several reasons why Koch feels Trump would be bad for the Republican Party and the country.

Charles Koch is planning on an $800 million investment in political advertising and other efforts during the upcoming election. Previously, no real decision was made on what to do about Trump. Now, it looks like the Kochs are going to make a decision soon about how to deal with Trump.

The hands-off approach to Trump was done to avoid a public war of words. Trump likes to attack his opponents verbally in the media. These public feuds end up being distractions. The distractions divert efforts away from other important areas.

The reason why Charles Koch is not a fan of Trump is he feels many of the policies Trump supports are antithetical to the American ideal. He also feels the bombastic nature of Trump lends itself more to spectacle as opposed to serious policy.

Not everyone knows this, but Trump and Charles Koch know each other fairly well. They have had dealings outside of the political arena in the past. No one should be surprised the two have had dealings. Both are heavily involved in many different business interests. Their paths crossed on positive notes numerous times. Today, things are different.

Charles Koch is an avid supporter of libertarian causes and, in the past, sought to boost the Libertarian Party to a viable third national organization in American politics. The Libertarian Party never reached such levels, and the Koch brothers moved onto the GOP. The hope was to move the GOP towards supporting numerous libertarian causes.

The Trump-Koch confrontation may never end up being a public one. Depending upon how the Koch organization chooses to oppose Trump, the methods may not end up becoming a personal public battle. The focus could be on policies, which is a less-bombastic approach.

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Hats Off to You Mr. President!

President Obama announced a new demonstration project that will bring free or low cost broadband to over 200,000 families in public or subsidized housing, reported Uplifting News. The new project called Connect Home offers a chance for students of low income families to have the same advantages to study as other students once they come home with access to the internet for research. Bringing the project about is the duty of HUD, and it is doing so with very little federal funding.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is partnering with eight major internet providers to bring their services to residents of HUD sponsored housing. Big name electronic retailers, through their own funding are offering technical training to the residents, and they are also kicking in with large cash donations. Ricardo Tosto ( has learned that, at this point in the project, only 28 demonstration communities are eligible for the service to help HUD find the solutions to bring it to all those who live in public housing. Planning continues to add it to assisted living communities as well in the future reports The Hill.

You have to take your hat off to President Obama because he has moved some mountains, and brought about some very fine things for low income and middle class Americans in his time in office. Hats off Mr. President, and thank you.

Rapper Killer Mike Wants to Be a State Representative

The idea of a rapper becoming a political candidate may be closer to reality than ever. Killer Mike, who’s real name is Michael Render, is asking fans to make him a write-in candidate for District 55 in Atlanta, Georgie. The seat was vacated due to a scandal that saw Tyrone Brooks lose his job. Now Render has taken to Instagram to ask fans to help him takes Brooks’ place.

“In Atlanta, Georgia, there will be special election tomorrow for District 55,” said Killer Mike. “Former state representative Tyrone Brooks no longer sits in the seat. I would like as many people as possible to go to the polls and write in Michael Render. Why? Because if I win, we win. Thank you. Now go vote.”

Christian Broda ( knows that Render has been speaking out politically in the last year. He has made public comments about several highly publicized police brutality cases. Render, who’s father was a policeman, has also taken the time to speak about police officers who are doing a good job doing local community policing. Whether a celebrity can turn popularity into political equity is no longer in question. One needs only to think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan to realize it’s possible. So far a rapper has not been able to make the leap. In reality, few have tried. It’s an interesting time in American politics and pop culture. If Killer Mike gets elected, things will only get more interesting.

Religion And Politics

How do you feel about religion and politics? Do you believe that the two of them should be linked, or would you rather not hear about what a politician believes?

There are many people who have no religious beliefs. And there are many people who have strong religious beliefs. So, how do all of these people come together and pick a candidate? Is it better if the beliefs of a politician were not known, so that all that you can judge them on is their politics and not their religion? Or is it a good thing if you know what they believe, because then that can help you to decide who to vote for?

This is a big debate. It’s a controversial issue, and if you were to talk about it with anyone that you know – whether they are religious or not – you would be sure to happen upon some arguments. Adam Sender sees it that way. Some people want their religion to be known, and others would rather not hear about it. I don’t know that everyone is ever going to agree on this subject.

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