End Citizens United Fight To Halt Churches Becominig Political Entities

The 2017 Republican-backed effort to reform the tax code of the U.S. has been widely criticized by Democrats and the members of End Citizens United but a closer look at the Bill reveals much more serious issues in its many clauses. One of the aspects of the Bill which has caused the greatest concern for End Citizens United is the changes proposed to one of the least controversial add-ons’s ever passed by Congress; the Johnson Amendment was introduced by future President Lyndon B. Johnson when he was still a Senator and limited the political actions of many charitable groups including Churches.

End Citizens United has questioned both the legality and reasons behind the proposed changes to the Johnson Amendment as this measure passed into law in 1954 with little opposition from either party. The overall aim of the Johnson Amendment was to limit the movement of dark money into the election cycle from political donors using churches as a cover for their political aims. The response of End Citizens United to the Republican Tax Reform Bill was to question the reasons why Churches would be exempt from the regulations of the Johnson Amendment which would allow political donors to class any contributions to campaigns made through a Church as a tax write-off.

Established in 2015, End Citizens United has grown to become one of the most important PAC’s in the nation for those who wish to limit the influence of political donors on U.S. election campaign finances. The group refuses to take on Super PAC status as it would allow unlimited donations to be made to the group by major donors who would wish to influence the direction the group takes in the future.

As a political campaign group, End Citizens United wishes to assist as many candidates to gain office as possible who are friendly to the cause of reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The effort to reverse this decision would require support at national and state level which is why End Citizens United is hoping to raise around $35 million in campaign funds for the 2018 Midterm election cycle.

Alongside the growing number of supporters backing End Citizens United, the group is also attracting the support of many Democrat politicians who are backing the cause of overturning Citizens United. Perhaps the most high-profile candidate backed by the APC was Hillary Clinton in her quest to win The White House during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election; End Citizens United has also pledged its support for Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 election cycle.

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George Soros a Voice of Hope to The Oppressed

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists around the world, having given more than $12 billion to charity throughout his life. Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros experienced first-hand persecution during the Nazi German occupation of his home country during the World War II. Being of Jewish descent, Mr. Soros and his family survived the period by using fake documents and identification papers. He learned then that evil and injustice in the world can be defeated if people are resourceful and brave enough to stand up to it and learn more about Goerge Soros.

At age 17, George Soros fled Hungary in 1947 to join the London School of Economics where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Coming from a humble background, he had to work as a railway porter and a part-time waiter to get himself through college. It is at this time that he came in contact with the teachings of Karl Popper on an open society. According to Popper, it is impossible for humans to create the perfect society. Therefore, society must always be given the space to grow and change through the provision of democratic governance, freedom of expression and the respect of all individuals’ rights within the society and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

When Soros immigrated to the United States, he did two main things which have made him famous the world over. The first was that he made a fortune for himself, becoming one of the richest people in the world. A shrewd manager and investor, Mr. Soros has amassed a world of wealth estimated to be $23 billion. He also founded the Open Society Foundation to help advance the creation of society as had been described by Karl Popper. Democracy, freedom of speech and expression and the respect of the rights of each individual in a society is George Soros’ main concern and the philosophy behind the establishment of the Open Society Foundation and Follow his Twitter.

Although the Open Society Foundation is the main organ through which George Soros carries out his philanthropic activities, he occasionally makes individual contributions to courses he believes in and holds dear. He believes in tolerance, acceptance, and diversification of all societies around the world and more information click here.

In this accord, Mr. Soros has been in the forefront of funding politicians and political parties that advance this school of thought. He believes in giving the politically oppressed a voice around the world. In effect, this has placed him at loggerheads with conservative political parties, especially the Republican Party in America and what George Soros knows.

Although he became relatively inactive throughout the Obama presidency, Mr. Soros has made a comeback in the Trump era. He has been actively involved in funding the Democratic Party agenda and was among the main contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s Amazing Life as a Politician and a Businessman

Everybody in Guárico state knows Jose Gonzalez. He is a man on a pedestal. He is on his way to becoming one of the most successful politicians and businessmen in Guárico. Gonzalez’s brilliance and courage makes him the center of attention for good reasons. According to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, politics is an important aspect of a community and should not be left to politicians only. He acknowledges the importance of politics when it comes to peace and development of the country.

Gonzalez emerged the winner of the National Assembly position of Guárico State after a fierce battle with well-placed individuals who also wanted the best for the state. However, Manuel beat them from many angles as far as leadership is concerned. He has the tenacity, vast knowledge about the state’s affairs and business experience to lead the people. He is easy on the eyes and has the energy that defines a politician.

Besides politics, Jose Gonzalez is a prominent individual in the business circle. He has a good track record and experience spanning 30 years. He has managed to build a business legacy, which will continue to live on in his empire. Gonzalez is a proud owner of large portfolios operating in different industries, especially in agricultural field.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez was at one time the president and CEO of FEDECAMARA, an agricultural outlet that commands a huge portion of the country’s cereals market. The company produces hundreds of thousands of tons of rice and corn. Last year, it produced more than 500,000 tons of rice and about 300,000 tons of corn. After he left FEDECAMARA, Jose went to CITGO where he was appointed the CEO. He has led CITGO into high-profile business partnerships, which have made the company a multi-million venture.

Jose continues to fight for the rights of agriculturists at the National Assembly of Guárico State. He is relentless in his fight for equal rights of agricultural businessmen with an aim of minimizing economic disparity in the state. During campaigns, Jose received massive support of over 20 parties, making him the first candidate to get the highest number of affiliated political parties behind his back.

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