The United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, announced that the United States Department of Justice will open a probe into the policing practices of the City of Baltimore. The federal probe was expected after the death of Freddie Gray, an African American native of Baltimore who was illegally arrested and died while in police custody. Six Baltimore police officers who had direct involvement in the detainment, arrest and transportation of Freddie Gray have been charged with a number of charges including murder. U.S. Attorney General Announces Justice Department Probe Into Baltimore City Police The Major of the City of Baltimore called for the probe after riots rocked the City of Baltimore several days after the public announcement that Gray had died while in police custody and at the hands of the police. Many familiar with Baltimore politics comment that the Baltimore City police are not under the direct control of the Major of Baltimore. They also note that the City of Baltimore has had a long standing problem regarding its relationship with the residents of Baltimore. Folks at Boraie Development ( have learned that many within Baltimore are concerned that the Justice Department could impose severe sanctions on the Police Department including dismantling the police department and force the retraining of Baltimore City police officers. Such a fate befell the City of Ferguson, Missouri, which after a sweeping report by the Department of Justice, the City was forced to fire or ask for the resignation of several police officers and city officials.