Vanessa and Mario Perez were the successful king and queen of credit repair, and pulled in more than $322,000 for their work. After years of hard work, authorities caught on to how the Perez became the sought-after credit repair team. They had inside help.

Federal prosecutors say four police officers helped fabricate identity theft claims, providing a bullet-proof excuse to delete negative items on credit reports.

This helped clients turn blemished reports into stellar credit histories, and increase FICO scores. Moreover, with a clean history, and high credit score, customers were then able to qualify for improved financing.

Officers George Price, 42, and Rafael Duran, 43, both with the Miami-Dade police department have been indicted for fraud. Both officers allegedly sold the falsified reports for up to $250 a piece.

Officer Duran has pleaded not guilty and denies any involvement.

Officers, Richard Muñoz, 45, and Lazaro Fernandez, 40 have pleaded guilty for their participation in the credit repair scheme.

It is not known how the credit bureau will deal with the credit reports. Gianfrancesco Genoso feels that the whole situation is riddled with fraud.