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OSI Group; Providing Food Solutions Globally

OSI Group is one of the world’s largest food provider company. The OSI partners with other world leading food service and retail enterprises to provide concepts and solutions that will benefit customers across the world. OSI offers efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise, food safety and quality assurance practices, exceptional culinary skill, global flavor knowledge and also provides a commitment to sustainability throughout the year. The food network company has more than 65 branches located in 7 countries and has more than 20,000 employees. Its subsidiaries are located in various countries including; Germany, Ukraine, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Poland and the united states. The multi-billion company has been in existence since 1909.In 2016, the company received the globe of honor award by the British safety council. OSI was one of the eight organizations worldwide that won the prize.

The company has operated successfully in different countries across the world by sharing their ideas to global councils and best practices to deliver solutions to customers globally. It also helps its clients with a world-class platform that will make them grow their market reach.

OSI food solutions recently began to double its chicken production in Toledo, Spain. The production grew from 12,000 tons of chicken to a capacity of 24,000 tons of chicken. The investment was worth seven million euro. The company now produces a total of 45 tons of chicken, beef products and pork. The acquisition has created employment opportunity for the people living near the facilities. The Toledo, Spain food processing industry was launched in 1990. The managing director of the Spain plant José Maria Del Rio felt the need to have more chicken production as the people in the area had increased the chicken products consumption.

In seeking to grow its business, the OSI group purchased the Tyson food plant at 7.4 million dollars. The Tyson food prepared meals for the hospitality industry, and other clients from different sectors. When OSI bought the Tyson foods, it helped employees who worked with the company who would have lost their jobs if the company was shut down. They also purchased the baho foods that deal with poultry and meat. David McDonald, the company’s COO, said it was an excellent opportunity for the company to grow its market in Europe. OSI group acquired flagship Europe from the flagship group company that deals with the supply of frozen poultry and pies. The acquisition of flagship will give the OSI Company a broader presence in Europe.

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Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Continue to Serve the Globe in the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a decorated CEO who has served several decades as the head of OSI Group and has led them to an extraordinary level of success as a global food processor. He has been their visionary figure who’s business acumen has allowed them to flourish on a worldwide scale and one important skill that he’s utilized is strategic acquisitions. They have steadily grown over the years as Lavin was able to successfully evaluate purchase those companies which complemented and improved their own capabilities.

OSI Group is still in expansion mode with Lavin at the helm and one recent example is their purchase of the former Tyson Foods facility in Chicago. This has added a significant amount of additional square footage to help increase their productivity. They also recently acquired a food processor called Flagship Europe and this purchase fully complements their already strong presence on the continent.

Sheldon Lavin received a prestigious award from India’s Vision World Academy in 2016 when he was recognized with a Global Visionary Award. This distinct honor highlights those business professionals who turn their dreams into reality with perseverance and persistence. It also drew attention to the remarkable rate of growth that OSI Group has enjoyed over the years as they executed under Sheldon Lavin’s business vision.

The decades of experience that Sheldon Lavin has as the CEO of OSI Group actually began when he established a relationship with them while running his own consulting business. He played a pivotal role in securing additional funding for the company which helped them expand and fulfill a contract with McDonald’s corporation. He maintained a relationship with the prior owners as time went on and eventually acquired the company when they decided to retire. They were then called OSI Group and Lavin was free to pursue his dream of owning a global business.

An entrepreneurial spirit is something that Sheldon Lavin prizes greatly and OSI Group is encouraged in this regard. They have created an atmosphere of creativity and unique thinking throughout the company. New ideas and innovations are welcomed at OSI Group and Lavin sets the tone for all of this in the corporate office.

OSI Group has developed a notable expertise in cultivating strategic business partnerships that are mutually beneficial. They partner with the world’s leading retail food companies and the top food processors to create unique products that are tasty and nutritious. The career of Sheldon Lavin has continued into his eighties due to his love of the work, the company, and its employees.

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Sheldon Lavin Increased His Involvement In The Meat Industry In 1975

Sheldon Lavin was not well known in meat manufacturing before joining the industry in the early 70s. He began his career as a banker and financial advisor. Lavin had his own firm. He was introduced to the Kolschowsky family when they had an opportunity to build a plant for McDonald’s Corporation. The Kolschowsky family’s company was then known as Otto and Sons. It had started as a meat market in the early 1900s and grew into a major Midwestern meat manufacturing supplier. The Kolschowsky’s relationship with McDonald’s had put them in a very advantageous position. However, they did not have the funding to build the plant that McDonald’s requested. The bank suggested that Sheldon Lavin come in as a chief advisor and partner.

Lavin initially declined the opportunity to be a partner with Otto and Sons. However, he did sign on to be a direct consultant. He informed the family that if he were to ever come on as a partner that it would be under the condition he have equal decision-making abilities as the other partners. Over time Sheldon Lavin became more and more involved in the daily operations of Otto and Sons. Eventually the McDonald’s Corporation suggested that he become directly involved as partner. Lavin’s relationship with McDonald’s convinced him to become a partner with Otto and Sons. After one of the original partners sold out of the business arrangement. Sheldon Lavin became 50% owner of the meat manufacturer. Around this time the company became known as OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin’s business model pushed OSI Group to national and international levels. There are currently plants operating throughout the United States and areas such as Riverside and Oakland California, Wisconsin, Utah and Chicago. OSI maintains operating interest in the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. The company is working hard to establish its presence in Europe. OSI made acquisitions to improve its standing in the area. Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group were added to the OSI team in order to ensure that they have a flexible business plan while pushing their influence in the region.

Sheldon Lavin is very active in philanthropy. He is a regular contributor to the Ronald McDonald House charities. Lavin is also currently chairman of the Capital Campaign. He supports the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, Boys & Girls Club of Chicago and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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