Cotemar is an oil and gas company based in Mexico that has been operational for the last three decades. Cotemar pioneers in providing services such as marine support operations, onshore & offshore oil field development, construction services, maintenance, and catering & accommodation.


A look at the company’s history, values, and norms


Cotemar was established in 1979 and has since developed into one of the top energy companies in Mexico. Cotemar produces high-quality products using the latest technology while ensuring safety and environmental conservation. This company practices the values of integrity, innovation, responsibility, and collaboration. Cotemar strives to be a global sustainable oil company known for providing quality solutions to clients and stakeholders. Additionally, it encourages collaboration, transparency, and honesty at the workplace.


The firm is committed to social responsibility and cares about the welfare of people. It ensures equity, industrial safety, education, and health. This company occasionally hosts sporting activities to foster family integration. It provides diverse training opportunities to help its employees realize their personal and professional goals.


Services offered by Cotemar


This company provides services to Petroleos Mexicanos. Cotemar is always evolving to broaden the scope of the services it provides. This company is famous for merging process equipment with indicators and allowing only the skilled personnel to ensure a smooth running of activities. Cotemar renders its services through its three innovative divisions. The accommodation and catering department guarantees the comfort and safety of both onshore and offshore workers. It ensures each cottage has adequate laundry, nourishment, and bedding services. This unit boasts in-house accommodation facilities that can shelter up to 4000 people. This department also provides entertainment as well as supplies and preservation services


Cotemar also offers construction and maintenance services. Cotemar has rehabilitation and maintenance centers in all its offshore facilities. These centers have installation devices that assist in the organization and prefabrication of pieces of equipment at the sites. Cranes and semi-submersible mobile gadgets back up the support vessels. These machines facilitate moving of large cargo in the oilrigs. Additionally, Cotemar has a team of highly skilled employees who operate these machines.


Cotemar owns a series of specialized support vessels. These ships can accommodate up to 800 guests. This company also has boats that transport food supplies and other materials. The vessels are fully equipped with firefighting devices for timely response to emergencies. Cotemar also own specialized vessels, including tugboats, and barges.