Dogs come in many different shapes, styles and varieties. Just like your dog, so does their dog food. Beneful Dog Food is one of the leading brands when it comes to creating tasty meal and snack-time options for dogs. I have found Beneful to be my number one choice when it comes to what I’ll feed my dog on a daily basis. I know from experience as I’ve tested other brands and they just do not compare. Let us go over just a few options of what Beneful has to offer your dog. I want to start with the choice that is safe for all dogs: Beneful Dry Originals with Beef. This is the most trusted type of food I would recommend for any dogs. I have fed it to my puppies and my full-grown dogs to keep them healthy and moving. Both enjoy it very much and they eat every piece. I know most people are hesitant when it comes to foods with added vegetables and such, but pickiness does not seem to be a problem with this particular dry food. Other options are discussed below, but if there was one take away from this article know that this would be my number one recommendation. A second food I would recommend would be Beneful’s Playful Life Dry Dog Food. The “Playful” connotation really should be noted upon. This food seems to keep my dogs going for a few extra hours then they normally would. This type of food mixes in eggs and berries with the original beef and veggies. It is a great “mix-up” food for your dogs if they get sick of the same thing easily. My dogs really take to this one well and it is safe to feed to any age of dog, puppy to full-grown. I sometimes with mix in some wet foods or water my dogs’ food down just a little as they age. It gets tough on their teeth and digestive systems when they age. I have tried using two blends I bought on Amazon of Beneful’s Wet Dog Food: Chopped with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach as well as, Chopped with beef, carrots, peas and barley. Both have their own individual perks and are taste approved by my dogs. The younger ones enjoy the mix with the sweet potatoes and turkey, so it must just have that extra “kick” that makes it feel as if they are consuming a treat. I feed my aged dogs the Chopped with beef and veggies blend because it keeps them healthy and the veggies are a little more prevalent. I highly recommend taking a look at all of the products that Beneful has to offer on Youtube. They are constantly coming out with news blends and added nutrients that really get my dogs excited. Your dogs will not be disappointed in you when choosing Beneful as their source for improving their health and wellness on a daily basis.