President of US Money Reserve: “Abolish the Penny”

Philip Diehl, the previous director for the U.S Mint, has a different opinion when it comes to the penny. He advises people who come across it to ignore it rather than bend to collect it. According to Philip, the penny will actually bring less than your minimum wages.

Currently, Philip Diehl is the president of the popular coin distributor known as now the U.S. Money Reserve (follow them on Twitter). The firm is also supporting the idea of getting rid of the penny. Philip has been doing this campaign for some time now. He started the initiative during his time at the 35th director at the U.S Mint.

The greatest challenge that faces the coin is the fact that it actually costs a lot more to produce it than its normal value. The firm is producing it, the U.S Mint experiences millions of dollars as losses every year.

Several people in the US believe that getting rid of the coin will not be a good idea. They think that there will be mild inflation or even distortion of prices if this happens. However, according to Philip, this will not happen.

According to Philip, this argument has been in existence for over 25 years for the penny supporters. They believe that it is impossible to do way with the coin. What these supporters do not know is the fact that about 25% of the current transactions are done in cash, while the rest is done in advanced electronic forms.

The absence of the penny will have very little impact on the state. In fact, the percentage that will be affected is very little according to Philip. Companies are also expected to bring down the prices of items instead of disappointing clients by increasing them. No company would like to irritate their committed customers just because of a penny.

The group that supports the use of the penny know the Americans for Common Cents thinks that the US government is bound to incur some costs when the elimination of the penny happens. They also argue that charities would suffer because of the reduction in the pocket change distribution. They also believe that the consumers will experience rounding tax due to increased prices from the retailers.


Source: CNBC Squawk Box

Ecuatex Is Environmentally Conscious Thanks To Flavio Maluf

The Eucatex Corporation has made a huge impression around the world. Not only is it at the forefront of wood product manufacturing, the company is also deeply concerned about the environment and its carbon footprint. It took some years, but the company slowly built into an empire. There were many pioneering efforts over the years and a number of companies have attempted to duplicate Eucatex’s approach to business.

Eucatex is a family-run company with roots that date back to 1951. The global company is the leading supplier of ceiling tiles, panels, doors and paints. Eucatex has gone through a number of expansions over the years. After starting out with one plant in Salto, the company now operates in 30 companies and has offices in Germany, Holland, U.S. and Brazil.

CEO Flavio Maluf began at Eucatex in 1986 and was installed as CEO in 1997. He replaced outgoing CEO, his uncle, right at a time when the company was stagnant. Under Maluf’s leadership, the company received a full overhaul — from manufacturing plants to administration hierarchy. The changes brought about massive financial gains and the introduction of better products and services.

Maluf helped institute a recycling program that focuses on preserving the eucalyptus trees (a main component of the company’s products) while reusing wood residue. The environmental responsibility provides awareness and encourages other companies to follow Eucatex’s lead. The company has implemented many social programs to make individuals aware of the importance of recycling and how they can join in.

Eucatex has recently opened 2 new plants in Salto and Bocucatu. The company is still looking into additional expansions. In a recent interview with Mobile Magazine, Maluf expressed his gratitude for having the support of the board and his employees. Under Maluf’s leadership, the company expects success to continue for a long time.

Sam Tabar & THINX

Sam Tabar is a leading lawyer and capital strategist. In January 2015, he added a startup company called THINX to his portfolio of investments. THINX is a company that helps African and American women. The company specializes in underwear that helps incontinence and menstruation. THINX was started by a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, the company offers five different types of functional and fashionable underwear.

THINX is special to Tabar because of its financial support and unique business model. It is a company that encourages others to give back to the community and help global issues through any purchases made. For example, for every item bought a Ugandan woman is given seven reusable, washable cloth pads. This enables a woman to be able to go to work or school during her menstruation. In the past, women did not have the resources to be able to leave their home during menstruation and had to remain at home.

THINX was started by a group of women. Mutual friends introduced these women to Tabar. While Tabar was not seeking out any investment opportunities at that time, he was interested in the business model of the company. THINX was able to become successful because of the financial support it received from a Kickstarter campaign and various crowdfunding campaigns.

Currently, THINX products are available through wholesale distribution and the company’s website. There are five different styles that are available in the THINX line that offers women the confidence and comfort they need during menstruation. There is even a manifesto on the website that allows customers to sign proving that their purchase has helped a women stay in school.

After graduation from Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar began his working career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate. During his time at Skadden, Tabar helped advise his clients on investment management agreements, hedge fund formation and structure, side letters, private placement memoranda, regulatory and compliance issues, and employment issues. In 2004, Tabar began working with SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. He soon became the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX. Next, he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2013, Tabar became the Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. In 2014, Tabar left Schulte.

The Evolution of Mobile Wi-Fi Plans

Mobile Wi-Fi plans are data plans that enable you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots for internet access. These Wi-Fi plans are especially to travelers as they allow them access the internet from whatever location they are in. With the increase in the popularity and subsequently, numbers of iPads and tablets among the population, the need for a mobile Wi-Fi plan has significantly increased. Owners of the tablets and iPads want to be able to use them while they are on the move to browse the internet, access social networks and watch and download videos online. These has triggered new entries into the mobile data market whose aim is to provide cheap but affordable data to its users. An example of such an entry is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop recently launched a low-cost Wi-Fi service that enables users get, for just $5, boundless use of and automated sign-on to 10 million hotspots across the U.S. This came just a while after they launched and started offering free, basic cellular voice and data plans. This Wi-Fi service that can work on a user’s multiple devices was first made available on FreedomPop’s Android app. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Stephen Stokols, said that they had been waiting to get something compelling that ensured the Wi-Fi experience worked like cellular and when they achieved that, they added the Wi-Fi plan to their service. FreedomPop did not specify who provides for its Wi-Fi, but Stokols noted that the service would be provided at retail locations such as Burger King, Best Buy, Starbucks and McDonalds’s. Mr. Stokols also mentioned that this service is an opportunity to cut cellular data bills by half by delivering value despite the carrier the user is on. The service also targets users that have phones that have no connectivity. An MVNO deal enables these that the company has with Sprint, which gives them an opportunity to provide more value to abandoned phones while offering a cost-efficient service.

On May 12, 2015, FreedomPop announced that it was opening up in the UK as a SIM-only service. The service provides 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts and 200MB of data. Free international calling to 60 countries, free services to other FreedomPop users and an allowance to carry forward data to other subsequent months also comes with the deal. The company also announced the launch of Jetsetter, a free roaming data SIM that would launch later in the year. The company partnered with the carrier, Three for its premier commercial offering with the hopes of a second carrier joining in the UK. The company has also signed deals with six other carriers over nine countries. The UK being one of the biggest and most saturated and competitive markets in Europe, the move was bold. However, the CEO sees the move as a growth opportunity for FreedomPop because no one can compete with free.

Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is the most successful online encyclopedia with over 4.8 million English language articles. It is apparently the largest encyclopedia with a vast collection of knowledge ever massed. Wikipedia has accurate content and reliable information according to a study made in 2005 by Nature. Most people edit existing articles on Wikipedia to make them look as if they were theirs. You might be an example of such if you use Wikipedia more frequent. If not Wikipedia articles, you might have been editing other people’s articles. Today you are going to write your own article.

Before starting to write your article, consider the following tips to assist you make headway:

1) If you’ve registered an account, you can submit a new article directly. For registered and unregistered users who want to present their articles, you can do so at the Articles for Creation project.

2) Wikipedia articles require the subjects to be “worthy of notice” in order to avert chaotic incorporation of new topics. If you are not sure about your article title, ask questions at the Wikipedia Teahouse.

3) Before you commence, edit a few current articles to make yourself conversant with writing and using Wikipedia mark-up page.

4) Use trustworthy published sources. Use reliable sources to gather information and have references for your articles subject. It is recommended that you start using books and news archives instead of web search.

5) Ask for feedback. Inquire for a response on articles you wish to create in different locations such as the talk page or the Teahouse.

6) Start by creating the article in your user space. You can place your article on a subpage if you are a registered user. Take your time to modify it and ask editors for assistance and send it to the live part of Wikipedia once you’re done with it.

What to avoid

· Avoid orphaned articles- these are articles with no or fewer articles connecting to it. The problem with such articles is that it will be unfamiliar and get fewer readers. Provide links to you articles after creating a new article, so it will not be orphan.

· Avoid indecent articles about yourself- do not be tempted to write an article about yourself. If you are a remarkable person, avoid the urge to write or edit a Wikipedia article about yourself because someone else will. The biography might be yours, but the article in Wikipedia is not yours to tamper with.

Donald Trump rises in polls after declaring Presidency bid

The entrance into the Presidential race for the Republican nomination by Donald Trump was guaranteed to bring a certain amount of controversy, but the arrival of the TV star and real estate mogul into the race has come with a bigger bang than expected stated Christian Broda. The Washington Post reports the Democratic Party are pleased to have Trump involved as he is struggling to woo Latin voters who are traditionally Democrats by nature. Trump’s controversial comments about immigrants from across Latin America have already seen him dropped by business partners and TV companies distancing themselves from the host pf The Apprentice.

The self funded campaign launch for Trump’s Presidential bid came with a rented crowd of actors and included a series of comments made about the morals of immigrants arriving in the US. The candidate has seen a surge to second place in the polls at a national level and in early voting states across the US. Insiders from the Democratic Party have called the entrance of Trump into the Presidential race a boost for Democrats as the businessman embodies the traditional values of the GOP that led to the recent Presidential losses suffered by John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Hillary simply has it together.

Hillary is covering all of the bases. She is about to announce a panacea to youth unemployment issues. The group is defined as ages 18 to 34. This group is underemployed because of a lack of opportunities for those that are not able to receive college degrees or that participate in self- employment, contract-type positions such as trade jobs. Some of these jobs require training and in some cases certificates from accredited institutions, but Clinton is proposing to offer this disenfranchised group apprenticeships and mentoring programs. This will be incentivized to companies by offering $1500 tax credit to all participating companies with the requisite oversight.

It has been proven by pilot programs to be a significant means by which people can improve their life time earning potential stated Kevin Seawright. We often juxtapose our education system to Asian systems that seemingly produce better graduation rates and better students, but these systems require that only people that are capable of entering their higher education systems go on to be educated at a higher academic level. The people that do not qualify are routed to jobs that require obtaining a trade and other occupational opportunities. This has the effect of producing a higher level of student, but by exclusion rather than the performance of all students. The apprenticeship model is based on those same lines. Not everyone wants to go to a college not because they are not intelligent, but because their interests lie in other areas.

The House Passes An Amendment That Prevents Weakened Encryption Techniques

Surveillance reform has been making headlines ever since Edward Snowden leaked classified documents obtained directly from the NSA when he worked as a contractor the intelligence agency. With parts of the Patriot Act expiring, and the USA Freedom Act passing, it would seen as if we are on the way to ending unlawful surveillance programs on innocent Americans. But this issue still has a long way to go.

There was another small victory for privacy fighters this week when the House voted to pass an amendment that blocks funding that was being used to support the NSA and CIA to undermine encryption technology. The amendment passed in a landslide vote of 383 to 43, a promising number that suggests the tide might be changing.

Encryption is used by technology companies to protect their users information from any unwanted spying eyes. However, there has been a lot of debate on whether or not to weaken encryption used for computers and smart phones for example. Something that would not only allow the NSA and other intelligence agencies from collecting our information, but would also leave us vulnerable to hacker attacks as well.

Those who support weakened encryption efforts claim it is a matter of national security, and argument that quickly falls apart against logic. Steve Murray finds that pretty interesting. These programs have not stopped any terrorist activities and the surveillance programs used on Americans do not prevent the government from spying on people who are potential threats.

Hero in the Hallways

Most people can look back on their childhood and remember a favorite teacher or educator who has impacted them in one way or another. These teachers have, in some way, shape, or form, left huge marks on their hearts and mind; even in adulthood they are sure to carry those memories with them always. For one high school student, she’ll be able to carry a more personal piece of one of her favorite teachers. A’Ja Booth is an 18 year old high school student in Detroit. In normal circumstances, girls her age are focused on what to wear to prom, who to ask, and what colleges they are going to apply to. Unfortunately, Booth’s senior year was finding out that she would need a kidney transplant. Fortunately for her, a 39-year-old gym teacher, Nadirah Muhammad was willing to be a giver for her transplant.


Last year in December, the two underwent transplant surgery as Mikal Watts points out. He read about it a little on Wikipedia. One of Nadirah’s healthy kidneys went into Booth’s desperate body. The two have made a full recovery and returned to the school arm in arm to showcase their healthy solidarity. For the gym teacher, the decision to give up a kidney for the student was a no brainer. As a mother of a teenager, Nadirah would want someone to do the same for her child. Booth went on to say that she could not thank her teacher enough for the amazing gift of life that she blessed her with.

Students Convince Teacher to Screen Fifty Shades of Grey in Class

Students at a West Virginia high school somehow convinced a teacher that “Fifty Shades of Grey” was an appropriate film to watch in class. According to original reports, the students convinced the teacher to allow them to view the movie for “good work”. As the school year winds down, many teachers get more lax in their teaching, but this has gone beyond “lax”, according to local sources.

Students were in the middle of screening the film when the school’s vice principal noticed what was going on. The vice principal put a stop to the screening. While the name of the school has been withheld, sources close to the situation stated that the teacher was, allegedly, unaware of the film and its content.

Students did not view any material that was inappropriate while they were watching the movie, according to a source close to Ricardo Tosto. There is no word on whether or not the teacher will be punished for the incident. The subject of the class, as well as the teachers name, is being withheld at this time.

It is generally school policy for all videos that will be screened in class to be reviewed by the teacher ahead of time. It is believed that this incident was a spur of the moment viewing. There is no word on whether the district in question has such a policy.

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