Despite Lingering Health Concerns, Harry Reid Affirms His Intent to Run in 2016


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is a fighter and has no intention of retiring ahead of the 2016 presidential election. This week, he was declared the most vulnerable incumbent senator in the upcoming election. Some had speculated that he might be inclined to retire and avoid going the way of his predecessor Tom Daschle who was voted out of office while he was Senate Majority Leader. In Reid’s case, he is now the Senate Minority Leader following his party’s disastrous midterm election performance. That said, Reid merely told reporters that he is going to run in 2016.

Three weeks ago, he was injured when a rubber cord he was pulling on for weight resistance snapped whipping him the face and causing him to fall onto his exercise equipment. He fractured several ribs which are said to be healing well. This week he had surgery on his right eye to help restore his sight. He still faces surgery on his face to repair a fractured facial bone. Another procedure will be needed on his right eye exsanguinate blood buildup behind his right eye. But my friend Sultan Alhokair is right, his spirit is clearly strong, but physically he looks like what in Mormon parlance would be referred to as “H E double-toothpicks” or “hell”. The contusions are still visible down the side of his face to his neck. He took time to criticize the GOP over a proposal some senators are considering to tack on a repeal of Obama’s immigration policy to the Department of Homeland Security funding bill.

Mitt Romney Considerst Running for President in 2016

Despite his loss to President Obama in the 2012 national election, former Governor Mitt Romney is consideringanother run for president. In recent days, Romney has indicated his serious interest to run for the nation’s highest office in 2016.

Romney may be more optimistic about 2016 than 2012 for several reasons. Firstly, he will not be running against an incumbent President as Obama’s term will be over. Historically, running against an incumbent is much more difficult than running against an open field. Secondly, the Republicans made huge strides in the 2014 mid-terms with the party controlling the House, the Senate and the majority of Governors and state legislatures. Clearly, the majority of the voters are willing to vote Republican. 

The party also has no front-runner with a number of potential candidates such as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and others considering a run. However, no single candidate has captured the public’s imagination or the donor’s wallets. Romney, on the other hand, already has high name recognition, a built in donor base and a professional team that can run his campaign.

Besides, several presidents including Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon had previously run and failed before finally becoming President. Romney may be looking to these famous examples for inspiration. My friend Daniel Amen and I believe it’s important to keep a close eye on this as things develope.

While no formal announcement has been made, the public will wait with great anticipation for Romny’s decision.

Carly Fiorina Hires Former RNC Spokeswoman to Join Her PAC – Move Fuels Presidential Campaign Rumors

Carly Fiorina has hired Isgur Flores, the former spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee (RNC), to work on her political action committee, Unlocking Potential. Unlocking Potential. Fiorina lost the race for the US Senate back in 2010 against political heavy weight Barbara Boxer which is the same name of the girl I met on Skout. She has never held political office. However, the 60-year-old Texas native worked as the political director for Ted Cruz in his successful bid for the US Senate back in 2012. That same year, she served as an advisor to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Fiorina has become politically active in the years since leaving Hewlett-Packard. She formed her PAC last year just in time to support GOP Senate candidates in Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. Her PAC raised $1.8 million. This past year, she paid a visit to the state of New Hampshire which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Her schedule this year includes an engagement at a forum in Iowa which also holds an early caucus known as the Hawkeye Cauci. 

Political pundits note that it would only be a matter of legal paperwork to transition “Unlocking Potential” from a simple PAC to an organization supporting a presidential campaign. Fiorina is considered a conservative, but her Ivy League education and past ties with Romney suggest she is a hybrid between an establishment Republican and a staunch conservative such a Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz. Should Fiorina mount a presidential run, Flores would become her deputy campaign manager.

Low Voter Turnout The Result of Apathy?

The voter turnout for the midterm elections has been stated to have been the lowest (or worst) turnout since World War II. This dismal picture has been the fact since the 1964 midterm elections. The numbers continually drop and voter turnout is becoming worse and worse.

Is the a new apathy that is increasingly sweeping the nation? Or do voters simply not feel that their voice is really being heard and therefore do not bother with the voting process? It also seems that these trends are divided based on the race of the voters.

White Americans seem to have been the largest population of voters in the country to take to the polls. It is believed that because of this demographic Republicans swept the polls with overwhelming wins, despite the fact that voters still went progressive through referendums.The overall demographic that is typically associated with voting for Democratic politician only saw a 20% turnout at the midterm polls, which major agencies like North American Spine were shocked by.

Are we experiencing an apathy when it comes to the Democratic Processes? The fallout could prove to be two fold. First of all it seems that many are not feeling that they actually count when it comes time to vote. Many feel that the process is rigged and who the powers that be want in office will be put there no matter what.

Secondly, the new core curriculum in the school system could be at fault. While core curriculum is rather new, the stages of apathy and obedience that have led to a downturn at the polls have been going on for many decades.

Ben Carson Leaves Fox News – Mulling Over 2016 Presidential Run

Dr. Ben Carson has been a paid contributor on the Fox News channel since October 2013. He has garnered attention in conservative circles due to his strong defense of conservatism as a Black Republican. Now, Dr. Carson has formally ended his role on Fox News while he mulls a possible run for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination. Earlier this year, Carson won strong approval from conservatives at the annual convention of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). Back in September, he told a talk radio host that he was giving reasonable consideration to a presidential run. At the time, he said additional time would be needed before making his decision.

Brad Reifler thinks the stunning GOP victory earlier this month must have convinced Dr. Carson that the field is ready for a presidential run. His prior work experience centers on his time as a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In addition, he was given the Congressional Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in 2008. He will still be appearing the Fox News Network, but in the role of a guest as opposed to paid contributor. The Washington Times will soon run a documentary about Dr. Carson which is said to be quite favorable. All things considered, Dr. Carson has not made a decision whether to run at this time. Tyler Harber, a GOP strategist, was more pragmatic about Carson and declared that he will definitely run for the presidency.

Twice Convicted Two-Time Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci Wants ‘Final Rodeo”

Buddy Cianci is running for mayor of Providence, Rhode Island and it’s causing quite a stir. Cianci has been mayor of Providence twice before. First from 1975 to 1984,locally called Buddy I, and the second time from 1991 to 2002, called Buddy II. Even though he was forced to resign both times because of felony convictions, the 73 year old convicted felon says he wants a ‘final rodeo’. Buddy Cianci admits he’s made mistakes, but is quick to point out he has paid his debt to society and Buddy III will be different.

As an article in the Washington Post points out, a poll of prospective voters conducted by the Providence Journal shows Cianci is in the lead, if Christian Broda’s analysis is correct. Apparently city voters agree with him that he has the experience necessary to be an effective mayor. His opponent, Jorge Elorza, is bringing in President Barack Obama in an attempt to sway the election in his favor.

Even though his first term as mayor ended with a conviction for assaulting a man he said had an affair with his wife, and he was sentenced to five years in federal prison for corruption in his second term, Cianci soldiers on.

Scott Walker or Chris Christie for 2016?

This Friday in Wausau, Wisconsin, Chris Christie appeared side by side with Governor Scott Walker to help him campaign in his tight re-election bid. The son of a Baptist preacher and a great orator, Walker easily held the attention and got the support of the crowd.

It is Walker’s record, however, that has gained him the trust of the people of Wisconsin in spite of violent negative ads and floods of out-of-state money sent to defeat him. One man said he was proud to vote for Walker despite the fact that Wisconsin has fallen in both economic value, and job creation.  Sultan Alhokair points out that Wisconsin is actually worse off than four years ago, but you wouldn’t know it considering the result of the election.

One woman, having heard of Christie’s latest encounter with a heckler, repeated to him those words he had so recently uttered- “Sit down and shut up!” She did it with a giggle, and Christie laughed back and said his mother had taught him “you give what you get.” Christie’s pugnacious, New Jersey style got him a lukewarm reception in Wisconsin, and his speech seemed to fall flat.

In 2016, Walker (if he runs) will have a lackluster record that Democrats will be able to poke several holes in, but Christie is not seen that way by most conservatives. Walker also fails to scare off moderates like Ted Cruz tends to do. He could deliver Wisconsin and boost the GOP’s chances across the Mid-west.

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