With the Democratic Party now having four declared candidates most of the smart money in this early part of the race would be on Hillary Clinton. However, this does not mean any voter or even political writer can just disregard the other three candidates. Even though Bernie Sanders is a declared socialist and Lincoln Chaffee can’t figure out which party he really wants to be a part of doesn’t mean they cannot inflict some serious damage to Clinton’s campaign. Let’s face it she is the only front runner getting attacked from all sides both Democrats and Republicans alike are focusing their campaign messages towards an anti-Clinton mantra.

There is one candidate though that some are predicting as giving the former Senator and Secretary of State a real challenger and he is Martin O’Malley. Not only has he proven his ability to reach all races, sexes, and creeds as he did in his back-to-back elections as Baltimore’s Mayor, he is a lot younger and more attractive candidate than she is. He also has experience that she doesn’t…that is experience as an Executive in Government as he was twice been elected as Maryland’s Governor. So while everyone in the press is ready to just hand off the election to Hillary because they feel like it’s her turn; they should really get ready to reevaluate their predictions. O’Malley is great at building grass roots support among those who are tired of hearing about the Clinton scandal machine.

Thanks to Eric Pulier for introducing me to O’Malley on Bloomberg Business.