It is no secret that many Americans are against same sex marriage. However, who are we to judge? We are not defined by the color of our skin or the hand that we hold. Whether you love the opposite sex, same sex, or even a transgender person, love is love and it will forever be. The supreme court shows that they may indeed be ready to rule in favor of same sex marriages. This is an amazing ordeal that is happening right now because there are so many couples out there living amongst us who are unable to share in the same happiness as those who are of opposite sex. Justice Anthony Kennedy will have the deciding vote on whether or not the courts will rule in favor of same sex marriages or not. If love is now color blind when it was once shamed upon to date outside your own race, then why can’t we have gender equality with love? We live in a new time where the world that we once knew is truly evolving and changing and things that once were shamed are now accepted. Gianfrancesco Genoso ( agrees that same sex marriage should also be changed because it is not our duty to fault those around us who love just a deeply as we do on a different level.