The presidency has made him a better father according to an essay set to be published in More Magazine First Lady Michelle Obama talked the president in to giving thoughts on fatherhood President Obama said people ask him whether being president causes difficulty in being a good father, his reply was not what you would expect. According to the president being in the White House has made their family living and interactions more normal as they have to work and be more diligent about spending family time together. Running the country means you have to set time for your family without any interference. For instance making sure you’re at the dinner table on time no matter what, President Obama was quoted as saying “my staff knows that it pretty much takes a national emergency to keep me away from the dinner table”. With commitment like this not only is the president setting a worldwide example of putting family first but he’s also instilling a great lesson to his own family because they know that they can depend on him no matter what he’s doing. Malia Obama is going off to school next fall something that the president has mixed feelings about. James Dondero shared his feelings on Facebook that although you want your children to go off and establish their own lives and do great things sometimes it’s hard to let go even as the President of the United States. But as the President stated, and we should all do, enjoy every minute of your children for as long as you can.