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Burt The Redbone Coonhound Chases Away Racoons Because Beneful Gives Him Energy To Do So

I have a Redbone Coonhound and he is energetic, independent, and affectionate. By independent I mean that he will calm down once he gets enough attention and will kind of do his own thing. There are a lot of Raccoons where we live that are always trying to get into our garbage cans so that is why we originally got a Redbone Coonhound is because he can not only chase them away but he can hunt them also. Although we trained him both to chase them away and hunt them he most of the time will only chase them away because we don’t want to get in any trouble if he did hunt them. My Redbone Coonhound’s name is Burt. Burt is sort of a weird name for a dog but my father is the one who came up with it and it has stuck ever since. I think the reason that Burt is so smart and healthy is not only because he is a Redbone Coonhound but that it is also because he eats Beneful dog food. Beneful dog food has many different ingredients in it depending upon each type and flavor that are so nutritious that they can greatly benefit a dog’s thought process as well as benefit their health. I currently buy Burt two different types of Beneful dog food. One of the types of Beneful dog food that I buy for Burt is dry dog food and the other is one of Beneful’s wet dog foods [““]. The dry dog food made by Beneful that I buy Burt  from Wal-Mart  is Beneful Playful life and the type of wet dog food that I buy Burt is the roasted chicken recipe. I think that Burt likes being able to switch between the two types of Beneful dog food because one gives him extra protein on super active days and the other is good for when he wants to relax and lounge around the house. I also give Burt Beneful dog treats [““]. The two types of Beneful dog treats that I buy for Burt are the Beneful baked delights stars and baked delights snackers. Burt enjoys Beneful dog food and dog treats because they have a lot of flavor in them whereas I enjoy them because they make Burt a more active and happier dog. Beneful is also available online on Amazon.

Beneful Dog Food Offers So Much for So Little

Just as pet lovers have likes and dislikes of food choices so do their dogs. While some like chicken other dogs to do not care for chicken. Some dogs prefer beef instead of chicken. It is for this reason that Beneful by Purinastores offers many choices in wet and dry dog food choices. No matter what food choice your dog loves, you will love the Beneful guarantee of quality, safety, and purity of products offered. The Beneful Company can make this guarantee due to the strictest quality control process in their plants across the United States, in Georgia, Iowa, and Arizona. There are no Beneful manufacturers overseas.

The Beneful Company offers products that include 100% real beef, 100% real chicken, and 100% real salmon. Just like the human body, the animal’s body requires a variety of nutrients such as eggs, DHA supplements, wholesome whole grains, and vegetables. There are reasons why Beneful includes these ingredients. Eggs and meat are excellent sources of protein rich foods that help to develop healthy muscle growth and increases energy. No matter which recipe you buy, your dog will enjoy tasty and nutritious meals.

Salmon, known for its rich content of Omega nutrients assures the dog has a healthy skin and shiny coat.

Beef is full of antioxidants that assist the body in replacing damaged cells and fight free radicals in the body

Chicken known for is rich antioxidants assists in the manufacture of new cells and tissue.

Beneful supplies recipes for large and small dogs. The mixture of tender mini bites is just right for small breed dogs. Some mixtures of Beneful include a variety of meats and vegetables. Beneful also compounds a recipe especially made for puppies to help give them a good start on a healthy life.

Speak to your vet and find out if your dog needs a special diet, and then research the Beneful by Purina website for all their choices in balanced blends of wet and dry dog food.

No matter what blend choice your dog decides is right for them, you have the guarantee by Beneful that our dog receives all required, natural nutrients for one of the highest quality dog foods in the marketplace today.


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