Are you tired of those boring lip care products? Would you like to try an all new exclusive blend of flavors? If that’s the case, you try EOS lip balm products. These products are organically made and has no side effects, unlike the competitors. The company uses a range of healthy ingredients along with some of the best flavorful flavors.

Consumers will receive total benefits such as moisture, vitamin c, vitamin e, and antioxidants. These ingredients work well on their own, but if combined, 100% total lip care satisfaction is to be expected. There is even shea oil mixed in for added effects. Check out the brand’s Active Protection Lip Balm:

  1. Fresh Grapefruit: If you want a brilliant tasty treat then Fresh Grapefruit is for you. The flavor is natural as it tends to energize and invigorate the lips rather than just adding a certain flavor. Being mixed with SPF-30, consumers can use this product in or outdoors. It’s perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and the taste lasts longer than many other brands.
  2. Lemon Twist: This lip balm personifies it’s natural zangy taste and lemon zest. It’s like having a shot of lemon energy as it glides on smooth. The balm is SPF-15, gluten free, and protects users from harmful sun rays. Click here for a full spectrum of benefits.

Besides the added moisture and natural vitamins used for positive benefits, this brand offers other fresh flavors such as:

  • Mint
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Lemon Drop
  • Passion Fruit
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Summer Fruit
  • Honeysuckle Honey Dew
  • Sweet Mint
  • And More

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