In a recent Fast Company article, the success of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Lip Balm was detailed. The key to the company’s success included forward thinking and taking a drab article, lip balm, and turning it into an object of desire and fascination. Along the path to success, the EOS lip balm product was helped by inventive advertising that brought lip balm out of the Dark Ages and presented it as a must-have to the new trendy Millenials raised on social media.

The company took a boring cylinder and transformed it into a mini-pot. The shape was intriguing and it also helped women, the primary users of lip balm, to more readily find it in their purses. The cylinder had a bad habit of finding the bottom of a purse just like a leaky pen. The mini-pot not only solved a problem but created a shape of interest. The numerous flavors and their names also added to the intrigue and when reality stars began using the product the future was assured for EOS lip balm.

The EOS product was easy to recognize on Walgreens and like another consumer product fad from the past, the “Coonskin Cap” made famous by actor Fess Parker playing Davy Crockett from a TV program in an era before colorized TV, it was easily recognizable and identifiable. EOS deserves praise on many fronts. Their design was imaginative, identifiable, and had a tactile quality that consumers wanted to hold and use. The advertising used was creative and tended to move lip balm from the cosmetic area into the social and fun must-haves that are of interest to young socially aware women today. For more info, visit

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