Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the Qi Group, was proud to announce that Martina Hingis, the tennis superstar, will become a new for QNET, the leading direct sales company. The official announcement was made on 18th September during the V-UAE held at the Hamdan Sports Arena. About 10,000 attendees witnessed Joseph Bismark welcome Martina Hingis on the stage to announce their partnership.
Welcome Martina
Every year, Independent Representatives of QNET gather together to celebrate, and share their knowledge at V-Con, which is known as the greatest event The-V organizes. The-V is a global training, network marketing and development company offering experiences and knowledge in a variety of fields and providing support to network leaders. This year’s V-UAE that was hosted in Dubai marked the 17th anniversary of QNET. Joseph Bismark took advantage of this opportunity and celebrated the milestone by making Martina the newest addition to the QNET family.
Besides being a Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame, a former Grand Slam champion, Martina Hingis, was pleased when Bismark awarded her with the title of Brand Ambassador. She said that it was a great honor to be associated with such a global brand like QNET, and she also added that its presence in about hundred countries served as a recognition of its popularity and strength. Martina Hingis joined the Manchester City Football Club and the Marussia Formula 1 Team, which are also members of the company’s sports sponsorship.
Martina Hingis will also be representing this brand in India, and she was announced as a competitor in various events sponsored by QNET when taking part in the Champions Tennis League. Namely, she will wear QNET sponsored outfits during competitions and have a role of endorsing a number of other products.
About Joseph Bismark
QNET is a direct selling/multi-level marketing company which is the main subsidiary of the QI Group founded by Mr. Bismark. Mr. Joseph Bismark co-founded QI Limited in 1998 and has been its Managing Director since December 2008.
His leadership has largely contributed to establishing a solid foundation for the rapid growth that the QI group has been experiencing. He is a dynamic, talented and versatile leader whose consultative management style is closely related to his life philosophy of achieving balance between the mind and the body. That is why he is committed to leading a healthy life but is also passionate about martial arts. In addition to this, he devotes a significant part of his time to the activities of RYTHM Foundation.
Through its DS/MLM model, QNET offers self-employment opportunities to individuals, which creates a strong bond ultimately leading to better results in product selling. The QNET family believes that the key to a successful business is treating all people with respect, and they hope that the newest partnership with Martina will bring even more prosperity to the company and its faithful clients.

Source: Business Wire