There is a lot of truth in the cliche that the grass is always greener on the other side. If an individual becomes frustrated with her career, she might dream of the days that she worked a simpler job. She might not think about all of the stress that job brought. People will glamorize the positive aspect and overlook the negative. The same can be said as they contemplate the possible systems of government. They might wish for a socialistic government, but this is only because they have overlooked some of the negative implications. In this interview with Fox News, the advocate from the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen, spoke to some of the demerits of a socialistic government.

Too Much Trust In The Government

People are always vying for power. They think that when they finally get it, their thirst will finally be quenched. But the truth is that the well will only become deeper and deeper as they gain more power. In the case of a socialistic government, what the rulers essentially want is top-down government control. They pitch this, pointing out all of the problems that the country faces. The only solution is to impart all of their trust into the government. Having received a degree in Political Theory from the University of Pennsylvania, Halvorrsen knows how this ends. History has testified that when the people trust the government too much, the government will abuse that trust.

It Encourages People To Play The Victim

Those who are struggling do not want to take responsibility for their circumstances or their actions. They do not want to claw their way out. There is a cosmic dice roll, and they lost. The rich won. Of course, this will overlook the fact that people build empires by working at it. People become rich by applying themselves. On the other hand, socialism encourages laziness. It encourages the narrative of the cosmic dice roll. It encourages people to play the victim.

These two problems impact [1] governmental power and [2] the mentality of the people. Both of these are a recipe for oppression and abuse.